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Writing/Printing Help


I have considerable trouble writing and/or printing and have tried various size pens to no avail. Recently I purchased a "fine tip" Sharpie pen, and I am able to write/print better than I have for months, which is thrilling to say the least! Thought I'd pass this "hint" along to my fellow ataxians. This may work for those of you that have trouble, like I do!


I have seen this but not tried them. I got some pen grips cheap off eBay or use a bit of foam to wap around, also works for cutlery. Mine has improved using iPad drawing/tracing apps and using stylus with Nintendo DS. I made a thicker holder for the DS stylus so it was easier to grip.



Is it this pen?

Only have slight deteriorisations of my writing. My actual method to cope with this is - buying not the cheapest pens (the expensive i cannot afford, and from the US it s too far to buy them because of the postage fees. - and writing in very very big. letters. So i can finally read what i have written, what has not been the case before.


Yes Akita, that's the same pen. I purchased a two pack for about $5 at a store here, which would be about the same price (for two) as your web site. I had previously tried MANY different pens/sizes etc., and nothing worked for me. These "Sharpie" pens have a fine felt tip. It was important for me to be able to write/print as before ataxia, I has very decent writing/printing. I also enjoy drawing so these pens help me to do that also. One loses so many "abilities" with ataxia, that I wanted to retain my writing/printing/drawing as best I could. Your idea's are good also Kati...whatever works!!!


Thanks for the tip! I was just looking at the Sharpie pens at Staples last night wondering if they would help my writing. Now I’m definitely going to pick some up!


You can find foamy covers for pens, pencils, eating utensils, and toothbrushes at your local medical pharmacy stores. You can cut them down to size to fit and they all have different size holes for each thing