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Weight Loss


One of the questions I was asked by my Neurologist at about the time my CA was diagnosed was whether I suffer from loss of weight. I replied “no” , although this probably was not true. I just did not know any better, because I was not paying any attention to my weight. Now I do: I have lost around 10%. After experimenting for a while with my diet, mainly to get my digestion in order and to get rid of the muscle cramps I am pretty much back to eating anything and as much as I like. The weight loss is here to stay. Don’t get me wrong, I feel comfortable with my weight. I just wonder when & if this is coming to an end. I already started to get me new shirts and pants, one size less than before. Feels strange, like going back 30 years.
To those who wonder about actual numbers:I weigh 72 Kilos @ 185 cm. Sound familiar? Or not? Let me know.


I had weight loss surgery with complications and lost about 901bs very quickly. My symptoms began around 4 months afterwards !!


Wow eating is spoon important for me, if I don’t shakes really bad , start feeling really of its strange to lost so much weight wasn’t trying is this because of ataxia


So important


Good morning, everyone. I'm new on the site, as well as newly diagnosed with ataxia, waiting for doctor's referrals to get causal diagnoses.

This post caught my eye because last year I weighed around 135-140 (pounds), and I am now 82 pounds ( my lowest being 74 back in Feb)., so, yeah I completely understand about weight loss.