Voice problem

Muryb, I, too, really wish people wouldn’t think I’m stupid because I can’t talk! Once, a couple of years ago, when I talked much clearer, I was on hold with customer service for about 15 minutes. When the lady finally came on she said “Oh, we must have a bad connection,” and she hung up! Ever since then, my sister makes phone calls for me. I can laugh about it now, but at the time, I was NOT happy!

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Singing, reading aloud, and speaking in a foreign language are also good ways to exercise out the ataxia voice.


I have ataxic dysarthria… And apraxia. Is that like anything you mean?

:thinking: Yes…your diagnosis may have a different name, but the the difficulties you experience are are common to most of us.

Dysarthria…A speech disorder caused by damaged muscles

Speech Apraxia… problems with motor coordination of speech

Yes, they are speech motor(planning) disorders, intention tremors, nystagmus, and all over ataxia has dimmed down to “features” I think being under 25 at Dx, it was so easy for physicians to see psychomotor agitation, anxiety, and pressured speech- mental health issues primary for that, at the same time being all too difficult for me to express or communicate why I cannot express or communicate the way I wish to

I am not happy anyone deals with things others take for granted, so did I, when I was about 25, a provider asked me if I was bobbing my head to the music and waiting room, I got incredibly embarrassed because it is not a voluntary motor movement, so I know move all the time so that I don’t involuntarily move if that makes any sense, the guy at the bank has a foreign accent so I had to ask him to repeat himself about four times until he finally show his restoration, I said to him that I was sorry and I had a cognitive communication disorder not for sympathy however his response was one that I despise, he said oh I’m so sorry and then spoke to me like I’m an idiot. On YouTube but there is a music video called the post-concussionist that says, don’t talk down to me

Apraxia is not just speech but also other muscle movement issues, which I am determined to do whatever I am going to do the right way, haha so sometimes I like to stop myself on the side of the face with a fork instead of putting it directly in my mouth so I only use a spoon 🤦

:confused: Yes, it’s not only Speech Apraxia.

I don’t have severe difficulties myself, but I can empathise with problems like hurting yourself due to ‘unintentional ‘movement’… I’ve had my own experiences with a toothbrush being rammed into my mouth, and just the other day I gouged my face while washing it…:see_no_evil:

Hello SCA_in_Tx,
This is a great suggestion! My speech therapist has ordered me a book from them to practice projection-when I’m ataxic, sometimes the ends of my words get a lot softer so my husband has trouble hearing them. I’ve also found that reading out loud is helping as well. I feel grateful that I’m able to talk coherently most of the time and only have difficulties with speech now and then. Occasionally I’ve had it happen where I’ve tried to say something with a rapid-fire stutter, only to switch to a completely different word at the end, just to get something out and it makes both of us erupt with laughter. That actually helps me cope with it better than anything and it makes others more comfortable too. It isn’t easy and sometimes it’s incredibly difficult, but finding snippets of joy or something to laugh about in the midst of all of this craziness, has gone a long way in helping us cope with the day to day challenges.

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