U-step (new instalment)

:slightly_smiling_face: I also use ‘Let’s go Out’. I bought this rollator in around 2013, and it was perfect for my needs then. Now, as my symptoms progress, and I’m less stable, I find it can be a little too light…

Calling all people from UK - don’t you get help from NHS? I just got in touch with my GP about speech therapy and she sent a psychologist who specialises in speech. In conversation I told her I had ataxia and I was pretty amazed that she not only knew about it, she was also familiar with it. I was further amazed next time when she said she’d been in touch with my GP about it. Next time she told me she’d been in touch with a friend who worked in the Ataxia Unit in Sheffield. Next time she brought another physiotherapist who specialised in neurology. I was gob-smacked - I didn’t know there was such a person. It was her that got me onto this U-step and said she’d recommended them to lots of people with neurological problems.

:slightly_smiling_face: I was seen at Newcastle Ataxia Centre until it closed, it was possible to be referred for therapy but at the time I didn’t need it. Since then I’ve been seen at Queen Square in London, where I’ve had access to a Specialist Ataxia Nurse and a NeuroPhysio.
From what I’ve read of others posts, it can very much depend on where you live when it comes to accessing services from the NHS.

Speaking of seeing and testing before buying devices, here in the US. We have an excellent source Abilites Expos. Hopefully there is one in your area. Beryl, in UK?

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:slightly_smiling_face: Prior to Covid there used to be quite a big annual event, although probably not on the scale your link shows. I think this was held either in Manchester, Birmingham or London, at one of the big exhibition centres. I’ve never been myself, but it would be very useful to be able to see lots of suppliers exhibiting together. The next time I see it advertised I’ll make an effort to go :slightly_smiling_face:

The Veloped does take some getting used to.

I had the same problem, kicking the wheels when walking inside but after about 3 weeks my gait adjusted suddenly and I have had no problem since.

I did raise the issue with Trionic when I first got the unit but got no response.