Ataxia Support


I went to work today. I work at a grocery store. It’s a challenge to say the least. I normally work as a cashier which I get tired of, but today they also had me bagging. I like the freedom you get with bagging. You know, go outside and get away from people.

I feel sad after bagging. It just throws it in my face that I’m not able to lift some things or I’m def. not fast, I hold on to the cash stand while putting a bag in a cart…etc. it’s bad enough dealing with it by myself, but I feel like everybody watches, and I feel like the cashier who knows I have this might say something to management. I’ll probably be relieved when somebody tells me it’s too dangerous for you to work here, but yeah…

yeah,I went thru something similar at early on-set..Struth,I don't know what to tell you except I found a good family doctor..Had a medical certificate and resigned..Had to..too dangerous..

Wishing you so much good-ness & luck ...