Ataxia Support


I sing in an adult choral group where I live. Our concert was last night. I shaved, showered, and got dressed (in formal attire) and after I did all that, I was exhausted and couldn't even sing in the concert. I was OK in a few hours, but I was so tired after doing these normal, everyday activities that I couldn't do anything. Does this happen to all of us? Is it from the extra effort we have to do just to do normal, everyday activities?

Hi Ben, what you describe is part of every day for me. I get tired so easily. In fact, I just woke up from a 3 hour nap. And I have come to understand we get tired where our body and mind is taking 40 steps where it used to take a 1/2 step. So yes, it is the extra effort we do in our everyday activities.

I have exact same thing. Sorry you missed your concert. I like Alle's comment. For me, it is also the concentration it takes to not fall while dressing; not put shirt on backwards; etc Alot of focus, and then I'm worn-out.