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Thumb pain and bloody GP!


So, I’ve had terrible pains in my thumb knuckles for ages that aren’t getting any better, my G.P thinks it’s Carpel tunnel however, my Neuro says it’s not. For the last 6 long months, I’ve managed to wean myself off the majority of all of my medication including Morphene and other strong painkillers plus copious loads of anti depressants. I’ve felt more alert etc with more motivation and a bit more energy, I returned to my GP only to find I had to see “the other one”.
I went through my history and symptoms and asked if he would either refer me to a specialist or back to the Ataxia clinic in London. He said, I think you just need to increase your Morphene every morning that’s the best thing. !!!
My GP called me later as she always follows me up and has been great and she was horrified and said she would refer me to a specialist ASAP.
Why do I bother ???


My thumbs are hurting all the time and now I am starting to drop things. My mom passed away from Ataxia a few years back. My sister has been tested for the gene (she doesn’t have Ataxia) ,but I haven’t. I’m afraid, knowing there is not a cure I don’t know how well I could handle the news. I guess I’m in denial, but see alot of the same early signals that my mom had…I feel for all of you with the disease and glad you are all here to support one another…Have a blessed day


I am having similar issues with my arm and conflicting doctors opinions, it is so hard to keep positive when answers are few and far between. I hope you have found something to ease the pain.