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Things That Make You Laugh


Definitely! Pills are tricky. My floor is littered with pharmaceuticals! The maid keeps missing them when she sweeps! Lol!:joy:


I like to bake and manage to drop everything. I’ve learned only to buy unbreakable things, but still managed to make big messes with salt and sugar. The funniest times, though, werewhen I tried to lick off a spoon and got my nose instead.


When I wanted to pour water from a Brita pitcher into a large cup and my hand tremor kicked in. Water ended up all over the counter! The funniest part was that not a drop landed in my cup. What else can I do but laugh?


:joy: Try not eating peas…


My children laugh at me, and so do I… It does help. I broke my leg on the landing one evening, then waited for my kids to go to bed (2 hours) before going to A&E… Next day my daughter asked me ‘And then what did you do? Did you take your bits and bobs and go downstairs?’
Life has to go on


:joy: Children see things very differently, so matter-of-fact :wink:xB




:joy: You have to have experienced this to understand. And, who knew that sneezing could shake you off your feet :joy: xB


It turns out that sneezing is very dangerous activity! I can relate.