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Things That Make You Laugh


Definitely! Pills are tricky. My floor is littered with pharmaceuticals! The maid keeps missing them when she sweeps! Lol!:joy:


I like to bake and manage to drop everything. I’ve learned only to buy unbreakable things, but still managed to make big messes with salt and sugar. The funniest times, though, werewhen I tried to lick off a spoon and got my nose instead.


When I wanted to pour water from a Brita pitcher into a large cup and my hand tremor kicked in. Water ended up all over the counter! The funniest part was that not a drop landed in my cup. What else can I do but laugh?


:joy: Try not eating peas…


My children laugh at me, and so do I… It does help. I broke my leg on the landing one evening, then waited for my kids to go to bed (2 hours) before going to A&E… Next day my daughter asked me ‘And then what did you do? Did you take your bits and bobs and go downstairs?’
Life has to go on


:joy: Children see things very differently, so matter-of-fact :wink:xB




:joy: You have to have experienced this to understand. And, who knew that sneezing could shake you off your feet :joy: xB


It turns out that sneezing is very dangerous activity! I can relate.



This really hit the spot for me :+1::rofl:xB


sneezing is a dangerous activity





There’s special forks designed exactly for this ‘pea’ problem. All four prongs of the fork are joined together and probably a few more so there are no gaps. The prongs join together smoothly so there are no ridges or railway lines for the pea to roll along. The fused prongs also turn upwards at the edges so the pea doesn’t roll that way either. There you go. No problem now. These spoons - as they are known - were invented centuries ago. I’m a bit surprised you’ve not come across them before.


I believe they are actually called sporks or something like that.



This topic is AMAZING. I’ve had a lot of trouble with holding things and general balance a lot more than usual in the last few days and was starting to feel a bit down because of it. Reading stuff like this puts me in a better mood and reminds me that we need to find the humor in our aggravation.

Pardon the crude humor, but this story has to be told:
I went to stand and walk across the room from a seated position on the couch. I stood up, but wobbled and started to fall forward. I fought to keep my balance and kept myself from falling, but then released a rather loud (and forceful I guess) fart and blew myself off balance and fell flat on my face. Once my friend made sure I was OK, the laughter from the both of us was something else


I guess it wasn’t a SBD.


HELLZ to the NO. It had some serious force/velocity to it.