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Things That Make You Laugh


Some mishaps are never funny especially when a person gets injured. Sometimes we must laugh though, as if laughing contains some sort of healing power. Actually it’s a proven fact that it does.
We often laugh at other’s misfortunes, usually thankful the incident didn’t happen to ourselves. Knowing this information causes the immediate “take a look around to see if anyone was watching” effect, I would like to share share some of my funnier mishaps that caused me to take look around to see if anyone was watching. If it induces some form of laughter, great. I would love to hear from others as well.
Every morning I have a cup or two of coffee. This arrives at my kitchen table via my sweetheart. (I don’t serve my own coffee anymore, it usually ends in disaster)! Now if you’re like me, coordination first thing in the morning is less than standard as it goes. As I sit and gently sip this lovely cup of joe, I fill my head with sometimes useless knowledge from the morning news on my computer. One morning while being totally consumed by some enthralling story on the news, and not paying attention, taking a sip, I had completely missed my mouth dumping my coffee down the front of me. One would assume to become more intelligent after doing this, not me, after receiving my replacement cup, I did exactly the same thing. I know third times a charm right? Wrong! After spilling the wonder-juice for the third time, I suppose I became somewhat flustered about the situation. At this point one might consider giving up ( better luck tomorrow ) Not me. I continued to punish myself by wacking my tooth with the cup (luckily I didn’t chip a tooth) spilling my coffee once again. At this moment I considered just returning to bed. Laughing at myself, I am glad my girlfriend was there to witness and enjoy my morning of misfortune.
What’s your funny story?


:joy: I’d imagine most of us have been there at one time or another. I’ve had spectacular falls that weren’t witnessed :wink: Memory, and concentration are my ‘downfall’. I’m thinking about giving up trying to follow recipes. Apart from being ham-fisted, I just can’t manage to read a recipe, get the correct ingredients together and follow it through :face_with_raised_eyebrow: For example, I made a Cauliflower Cheese. First off, I boiled the Cauliflower instead of steaming it :thinking: Then I substituted Thickening Sauce flour for plain flour :expressionless:Once browned and out of the oven my lovely cheese sauce was a watery goo in the bottom of the dish :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Maybe ready meals are the way forward :grimacing: xB


I’ve had my share of falls too. I’ve been fairly lucky thus far, I’ve inn-cured no injuries. Due to the relentless weather conditions in my region, slips and falls seem to be a regular occurrence due to the ice, (one might imagine how tricky it is to walk with out balance problems). I do remember one occasion a few winters ago, slipping on ice clearing snow from my vehicle. Down I went grabbing onto and ripping off the rear wiper (As if it was going to save me!). As I lay there telling myself I was ok, and frisking for broken bones, I did take a glance around to see if my neighbours witnessed me go down. Then for no apparent reason came laughter. I don’t know why, it really wasn’t that funny, however, I could hear in my subconscious mind, my girlfriend say “you stubborn ass, you should have let me clear the snow from the vehicle”!


My favorite has to be my ability to fall over while crawling on my hands and knees. The first time it happened, I laughed so hard there were tears streaming down my face…


How about dropping the phone to answer the door and picking it up again to find your phone is upside down? My daughter died laughing! Or calling the Cat the wrong name?


And how about grabbing the phone to change the TV Channel :roll_eyes: and swearing :astonished:because it does not work anymore and finally realizing this was not the TV clicker…:joy::rofl:…j


:joy: Been there. All our remotes and phones are the same colour :face_with_raised_eyebrow: xB


Maybe it’s time for those weighted cutlery. On several occasions we’ve had a meal where a portion of it just will not stay on my fork. Of course I never accuse myself of jiggling like a fool, it’s always poorly designed food to blame. Peas seem to be the worst, (some one should invent square peas) the little devils roll off my fork every time as if trying to escape what will be their demise. If we just had peas every meal I might starve!
I usually start out at plate level with a nicely rounded, good chewing sized forkful. By the time it reaches my mouth, the fork is empty! I put the vacant fork in my mouth anyway (my new fool proof diet idea) in an attempt to disguise the failure. I glance around the table to see if the more skilled feeders witnessed this. Then, when no one is watching, I pick the escaped peas from the floor (a secret, highly advanced, technique I’ve mastered). I really have yet to come up with a valid excuse for my poor execution during feeding. Makes me chuckle every time.


Hutchy: i have tremors as well and have difficulty eating with regular forks/spoons. I have found weighted cutlery to be helpful but the Liftware fork and spoon is way better. You can get it from amazon and i think you can get a discount if you get letter from your doctor.


:slightly_smiling_face: I’ll recommend Liftware to friend :slightly_smiling_face:xB


Yes, it’s one of those things I’ve been ignoring for a while now:wink: (getting weighted cutlery). Too stubborn I suppose. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The evidence of shrivelled peas on the floor is a sure sign that some sort of intervention is needed. I’m positive it’s just some way of subconsciously not submitting to this condition.:neutral_face:


weighted fork to eat peas doesn’t work for me-try weighted spoon or better liftware. “stabbing” food with a fork is the only way I can eat without liftware, balancing food on fork always ends in disaster.


Cherry tomatoes are often my downfall :wink: xB


Not really Ataxia-related phenomena…


i answered wrong post sorry


What, cherry tomatoes :thinking: I can never keep them on a fork or my plate :joy: xB


:joy::rofl::joy: I also misunderstood, and answered something not meant for me. What are we like :joy: xB


My wife came home one evening after a meeting and I could not change the tv program. I had the phone, the tv remote, and the roku remote in my hands, We had a good laugh over that.


It seems I’ve reverted back to having toddler like attributes.
I walk like one, talk like one, I drool and pee my pants! I have the dropsies, usually end up with my food everywhere, miss my mouth when I drink…:grin:


Been there… done that… My other attributes are having to pick up my supplements without dropping the pills to the floor and finding my mouth.:disappointed_relieved: