Ataxia Support


Does anyone else here have a buffer person? By that, I mean a person in your life that is so accepting and accommodating in ‘you’re a normal person’ kind of way?
For me, it has to be my wife.
I was born with this disorder, and diagnosed in 1997. Over the course of years, I progressed but there was always a little something there all along…
In 2012, I met her. I told her what I knew and and what I might expect nd she was more than OK with it. In 2014, I became her husband. From the moment I met her, I felt immediately at ease around her. My anxieties about my future and my present struggle drained away. Having somebody like this in our life is amazing and lifesaving.
That being said, I only feel like that when we’re together. When I’m at home or with anybody else, I need to be stoned to not be worried or anxious. Not a problem, since I’ve had a prescription for medical marijuana for years, but still…
This disorder SUCKS.

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Well John you are a lucky man! You’ve found a very special lady to be your wife, she sound’s very understanding. Sorry that this disease gets you down but it gets us all down at time’s so your not alone there. I am also lucky I have a wonderful husband and like you I have been going through thing’s for year’s and not understanding. My husband went through it all with me. I was diagnosed 10 mths ago. My family and friend’s all know and have been supportive. I had one girlfriend give me a big hug and just say to me your still you! which I take solace in when I’m disheartened. So we just do the best we can and where aloud to get frustrated or cranky or curse occasionally.

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