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Stuck at the doctors


I have had a cold for two weeks and counting.

I somehow got stuck the other day at a 3 pm appointment with a confused resident and NO overseeing dr for an hour and a half. She was doing sloppy, rapid neuro tests asking me to do backwards math and tandem walk and tell her who the president is (who is going to miss that these days I should have said Arnold Schwarzenegger).

I was so confused and tired. And she never even looked in my throat, which was my chief complaint. I told her I was there for a COLD. She left me in there for about 15 minutes so I just staggered out. I had driven there, so my husband and I had to cooindate having me follow him home via a back route. Very, very dangerous. It was like a time in my 20s when I drove home drunk from a bar. I was glad my son was in my husband’s car, not mine, but I hated being on the road at all.

I think I’ve already reached the point where I’m going to have to bring my husband with me to advocate. It sucks.

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Well that dose suck! I’m sorry you went through such poor medical care or lack of! I think your Dr would be more considerate to your needs and abilities to communicate being at a difficult level. I understand that the residents have to learn but they should be accompanied by the Doctor! I hope your feeling better and the cold is clearing up.

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:smirk: I empathise, the number of times I’ve felt ill with something other than ataxia, and struggled to a doctors appointment, only to feel worse when I came out …:woman_facepalming: And then felt I shouldn’t really be driving home… Now, I always have someone give me a lift :slightly_smiling_face: xB


I have little patience for bad care as I have received plenty. I am lucky that my ataxia hasn’t taken my ability to talk which has always been one of my strengths. I ask why doctors want me to do certain things and when they want me to try meds or other I ask how successful it was for their “other” ataxia patients. The answer is always surprising and a bit humorous. One resident I just fired she was so bad. Take whoever can advocate for you. You deserve better.