Struggling to find an optician aware of my eye condition

I didn’t know so many people had severe eye trouble. I have a squint (as you might guess) and all sorts of issues. I went to see an eye specialist and he gave me a list of problems and gave me eye drops for a dry eye due to poor quality tears and that partially stitching up the lid should help though he couldn’t promise. I’m currently waiting for minor surgery for that.

:wink: :wink: Personally, I think he might as well pluck it out and throw it away.

The surgery I had (Strabismus) is more commonly known as Squint Surgery.

I’m surprised you had an operation for your squint. The eye specialist told me it might make things worse because they would never be able to sync my two eyes so having two images a good distance from each other is preferable. I’m due a small operation shortly to partially stitch up my eyelids. The muscles in the lower lid seem to be partially dead so I can’t close my eyes properly. This has led to eye damage over the intervening years. I’m surprised too that a prism works for you for the same reason.