Ataxia Support


Does anybody have any ideas on what to do about shaking? My shaking seems to be getting worse. The shaking is affecting every part of my body. It is even hard to hold my head up without it shaking a lot. Everything I used to do to stop shaking does not help lessen it any longer. I don’t know if The shaking is just because of the freezing cold weather or if there is a different reason for it.

I think Jessica it would be wise to have a good,long chat with your Doctor..You've had Ataxia for a long time so if these symptoms are getting worse then get professional advice..

Hope get better real soon,hey! Ozzy :-)<

thank you

Stay warm!! When I get cold I shake. When i am warm, it helps. I also take gabapentin, this a anti seizure medicine, but it helps with the shakes.

My husband wears a weighted vest and also wrist weights that hide under sleeves (rebock makes them) they stop the hand shaking and for some off reason also help with his head shaking- they are amazing and will work a few hours a day (eating, going out etc) An artist friend who has parkinsons uses them as well. I hope that helps...

Good advice here...have you talked to your doctor as Ozzy suggested?