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Hi all I have SCA2 does anyone else suffers with hands that cramp up


Hi Betty

I to have SCA2 and suffer from occasional hand cramps. I think if I use my hands too much they may cramp up. They don't usually last too long and I don't take anything for them.


Yes I do.I rub moisturiser into my palms,fingers and arms,daily.Also a squeeze ball (soft) helps..Best wishes,I have some kind of Cerebellar Ataxia with aches and pains that appear out of thin air..lol

Take care,Betty...Ozzy


My hands can cramp up anytime for up to a minute. Dr. said there is not any medication she could give me. It is very painful. Usually hide hands. Sit in silence when it happens.


Hi Betty, I have got CA, SCA2 and I have occasional cramp in my hands. They twist very funny and the pain is pretty serious. The thing that helps with cramps is Mg citrate with vitB6. I take this tablets third year and helped me àlot,