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Question re: Agent Orange

Just had a question....I have many Autoimmune Diseases and now Ataxia. My dad was in Vietnam and was exposed to agent orange, he was right in the middle of it. He has alot of neurological problems, RA and some other health problems. He believes I have so many health problems due to the agent orange. Is there anyone else that has a parent or yourself that was also exposed to agent orange?

Yes- my dad always believed that agant orange caused his degenerative cerebellum, which c ame to be known as Ataxia. The docs I have seen don''t buy into it. I tend to lean towatds their idea of the SCA coming from our relatives in Europe. (The agant orange theory is a believable one though. Dad's docs at the VA thought ao might have something to do with his condition.) Let mw know what else you hear.


I was a nurse in Vietnam 1968-69. Our quarters were along side the taxiway of the Air Force base at QuiNhon. I was close to C123 and C130' aircraft taking off and landing. I developed degeneration of the brain with ataxia within just the past few years. I am still normal in the cognitive realm but walking is difficult and my coordination is getting worse. I developed neuropathy about ten years ago. I was seen by a neurologist at the VA in Hampton recently after a brain MRI and he blew off my ataxia as a result of youthful alcohol consumption. I am already 100% for other reasons. I thought for years that these neurological issues had to develop early after military service. Anyway, I am becoming more and more convinced that Agent Orange might be the culprit in my worsening condition.