I sit on my wi board for certain games and even use balance belt so I weigh in heavier when playing than when I do body test and it doesn't freak out.. lol!

If I only just did body test then put balance belt on (extra 6lbs) to exercise straight away, it says my weight is different and do I want to retry or ignore so i just ignore it as I know its cos I got the balance belt on and ankle and wrist weights.

I also use passive trainer bike (motorised pedals) which helps me to pedal in a fluid motion faster than I would be able to do myself, I found out recently this is called 'Forced Exercise' and used with Parkinsons patients.

My back pain has reduced greatly, I've lost weight after struggling to lose anything for over a year. At first the bike sent my legs into spasms and they would just shake and for some reason i got a swelling on left leg at top (back). After using a circulation booster too and shiatsu massager on the swollen area, it has stopped doing it now, I can do an hour a day and not get any leg spasms, they feel stronger and less shaky when needing to do standing transfers and slight improvement in balance without the balance belt on.

Biggest change is my back I can now sit all day in manual chair without having to go lie down after an hour or two and only using the reclining chair when sat in garden and for the seat riser function for jobs around the house. I have better control over voluntary movements and starting to wear clothes with zips again and buttons (not quite mastered the laces again yet)

The study done with Parkinsons patients showed similar results though they rode on the back of a tandem rather than using a passive trainer but the effect was the same.. The person cycling in front deliberately pedalled faster than the person had done on a previous test on a regular exercise bike. Apparently it stimulates a different area of the brain than voluntary exercise (only pedalling as fast as you can manage) does.

This post was great Sam! I use the wii fit plus and find doing it on a regular basis does seem to help more than I gave it credit for. I used it religiously for a few years and thought I didn't need it anymore and got away from it for about 8month. I started exsperiancing lots of pain in my legs and was grasping at staws until I started streching throug the pain with the yoga. After a few weeks of it now I'm in much less pain than I was. That tells me it does work! :0)

I find that when they hurtache or I just work my legs too much I use Arnica Gel. I find it takes the edge off for me! :0)

I have neurological pain. It feels like a hot electrical "pokes" in small areas about the size of a coin. It can happen anywhere on my body and last a few moments to a few minutes then moves to a new spot. I take Klonopin for it. a Low dosage just at night as it makes me drowsy.

It doesn't totally remove the pain, but takes the edge off so I can sleep.

Hi Sam

I have been prescribed levadopa to assist in cramping and pain reduction in my arms and shoulders. This is typically a Parkinson's medication. See you neurologist and discuss this further

It has helped me with sleeping without cramps

Good luck

Sam Kasirer said:

I get joint pains in my wrists, and pain in my hands, and knee pain, ankle I also tend to get muscle cramps in my legs and sometimes my neck,
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Patsy said:

Do you get pain Sam? I was referred to pain management clinic at hospital - would that help you?