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Is anyone dealing with severe knee stiffness and heavy legs.

I do have knees that hurt and my legs get so stiff I cannot take a step. When I first get up I can only take about a quarter inch step I eventually loosen up some but I am in very slow motion. I sometimes feel like a lizard on national geographic shows. Jerry

I have tried every medication and exercise which I do three times a day and it will not loosen up.

I have both leg stiffness and "heavy" legs (not weight heavy). If I sit too long and stand up to walk, I take awkward tiny steps (similar to gelu65). I also exercise by walking and dancing (in my living room only) because my Neurologist told me exercise is the only medicine for my type of Ataxia.

Dear Carious Bobo, Yes, my legs and knees are very stiff and heavy feeling. I do stretches daily, which seem to help me. It's definitely an ataxia thing..., ;o)

Well yes I do have issues with my legs and my left knee . I use a rollator walker and I often find myself using my body to push the walker because my legs will not work whenever I do try to walk it becomes a task. My left knee hyper-extends, and the pain and swelling.... I also take baby steps....VERY FRUSTRATED!!!!!!

Your experiences sound like my own. When I sit down to see an entire movie, it is very hard to move my legs because they are so stiff. What can I do for the fatigue that I feel every evening after being active all day?

Hi, I have SCA6 and boy do I suffer with knee pain and stiffness and heavy legs. I went to see a consultant at the Ataxia clinic in London and I was told it’s not a symptom of Ataxia as well as other symptoms I have and share with other Ataxias.
Shan’t be going back there in a hurry. Knob head xx

How is your weight ?? Since losing 4 kgs I'm feeling great relief in day to day living..Just a thought my friend :-)

Take care Ozzy...

yes i have sca2. zanaflex might help

Hi there.
I was advised by a friend to drink toxic water prior to going to bed for my legs as I get restless legs. Seems to be helping but not with the pain. I’m on Morphene twice a day for that.

I don't usually nit-pick about typos because we all make them, and we can read through them. Beverley meant TONIC water (there's quinine in it- I too have heard it helps cramps). Gabapentin helps my leg pain/jumpiness.