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Online dating

My name is Shane, i’m 42 and live in Perth Western Australia.

Has anyone had success in finding a partner online?

Unfortunately, I can’t hide it anymore and need to explain before we meet.

Hi, Shane. Can’t really help as I’ve been married for 43 years, and fortunately he’s stuck by me through a variety of medical issues! I know both my sons have used online dating with varying levels of success. I always think honesty is best…be straightforward but don’t overwhelm with information. I have SCA2 (fairly painless diagnosis presymptomatically as my birth mother was diagnosed and it was suggested her kids be tested), so I had an idea what was coming. Best of luck.

:slightly_smiling_face: I’ve seen recommendations on Facebook Ataxia Support Groups, but can’t recall any offhand. But, I’ll post if I find links.

:thinking: Google ‘disability dating’…lots of links

I have dated after I got my cane. When we first start just talking I let them know my disability and what I use and let them know that if they would like to continue it’s up to them. (some people can handle it and some don’t)

I met my wife in Sept 2012 online and married her in Sept 2014. I’ve actually had a couple of other long-term relationships come from meeting online. I never tried to hide anything, and I was always upfront about my disorder from the get-go. They could either accept it or not. It was too much for most, but there are people out there who could look past it.