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New guy on the block

hi everyone, i was diagnosed with spastic ataxia at the end of last year and look forward to sharing thoughts comments and ideas

Hi ya David.How's Saint Louis?This Aussie would love to go there one day! You never know :-) It will be a pleasure I'm sure,to share the many challenges we all have to face....Much easier,thou,among so many Ataxia Patients..Ozzy

what is "spastic ataxia" ??? I wonder how Ozzy knows you are from St. Louis?? I live in Jerusalem but am American and make frequent trips to NYC, where I have alot of friends and family including parents (in their nineties) a married daughter and young grandchildren. My ataxia is believed to be auto-immune induced. I am one of those ataxians who is always looking for a cure. Some people on this site have taken overdoses of "happy pills".Ataxia is ruining my life.

Hi David, welcome to the site. I hope that you find things here that help you cope with what you have to deal with… I am also from the St Louis area, (St Peters) I find that most people are not familiar with Ataxia so sometimes I just say I had a rock climbing accident, sounds more macho. :slight_smile: A stroke triggered my Ataxia, so I have that to thank. There is so much that we all can learn from each other, so dive right in.

Dear David, A HUGE welcome to you! On this site you'll find wonderful people for support and understanding! I was diagnosed with Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia (unknown cause/symptoms 24/7) eleven years ago. My neurologist always tells me to keep moving (easy for him...,ha!). Seriously, I exercise for strength and balance almost every day. I joined a wellness center and go there a couple times each week (use weight machines and NuStep), as I want to keep my muscles as strong as possible. I also do streches as my muscles get so stiff and tight. As a rule, I use a quad-cane, but when the weather's mice I take pleasure walks with my Access Active Rollator (LOVE it!). I try to eat as healthy as possible. All these things help me! My best to you..., ;o)

Welcome, David! Yo will learn a lot here & find s lot of friendly people & support here. Glad Î found this site, know you will be, tôo.

I wonder how Ozzy knows you are from St. Louis??

..Cause I'm really an Alien..muhaha>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I am new to this site too. We have a lot to share and learn. Now we have people who we can relate our stories. For one thing it helps me from feeling alone.

Dear Cathyfl54, Welcome to this site! I was diagnosed eleven years ago with Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia (idiopathic/unknown cause/symptoms 24/7). Yes. there are wonderful people on here for support and understanding! You're not alone in your journey...,Hugs ;o)