Ataxia Support

Neuropathy and Ataxia

Hello to all of my fellow Ataxiaites (is that a term?) The neuropathy I have hasn't been flaring up as much lately, for which I am very thankful. Sometimes I want to scream, "SCRAM ATAXIA!", but that does about as much good as a 2 year old having a temper tantrum.! The things I have found that help the PAIN are just over the counter remedies. I've received temporary help but at least I can get to sleep. (The pain is MUCH worse when I'm lying down.) #1: Kerasal NeuroCream which contains capsaicin. It is to be put on the "path" of the pain with an applicator attached to the cover. It's a sponge type on which the cream comes out. This is what has helped me the most and I told my podiatrist about it and he was interested. The pain I get is like a lightening strike...KKKXXXLSKDRRRRPTTT! Thank You for the help Kerasal manufacturers! #2Magnilife Pain Relieving Foot Cream which is used by rubbing it all over the foot. I've found it helps the most when I've put it on after the Kerasal has been on quite a while. I use it when the pain is less..

Here we are talking about pain. I find that my "drunk" walking is my most troublesome malady and ooh, those falls! I'm thankful I'm not a skinny mininy when I fall but then I've lost some weight and invariably I fall on my toosh.

My best help comes from the Twin Cities Ataxia Support Group (Minneapoli/St. Paul). It's for care takers as well and I am so thankful I started to attend.

Remember this: God made grins and grimaces look very similar to keep on SMILING! :0)


P.S. I'm TRYING to get a picture of me on this site but every one I've selected is too large. Any suggestions to help a technically challenged Gramma Karen?