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Going to try this. Looks like it may help those with brain injuries from stroke etc. They appeared on a local TV show Dragons Den, where entrepreneurs pitch potential ventures to a group of successful investors, the investors then decide if they wish to invest their cash or not based on if they feel it’s a worth while venture. They where successful in acquiring some dragon money! The Neuro Connect has won Awards as well. Though the product is being distributed from a neighbouring town from me, I receive no monetary compensation from the owner. I will post the results (if any).




This sounds good. I hope it helps . Keep us posted.:smiley:


:slightly_smiling_face:Impressive. Re the ‘Golf’ set, I wonder if the 3rd clip would work as well if it were attached to a cane/walking stick, for people who have tremors :thinking: xB


One week after purchasing the Neuro Connect. Ive purchased the unit called: “Neuro Connect One”.
There are no noticeable signs of improvement yet. However, it may be silently making a difference. I will continue wearing it.
It may be more suited to those with balance issues attributed to strokes or TBI’s etc.
Maybe this product may be more effective with the socks mentioned in the post: “Just found this for balance.” or a combination of any other balance products, anything that helps. I may give the socks and insoles a try too.



It is interesting that all of a sudden there are some products to try. I guess people have figured out there is a market for neuromodulation. That can only be good for us. I suspect that any product we try may help just a little, and there may not be a magic answer, though I would like one. I will probably try this, especially if you report success. I am hoping now that the socks/insoles work. I should find out in another week or so. I would love to be a more normal person. Thanks for the information!


It’s been about two weeks since I’ve purchased the “neuro-connect one” No significant improvements to report. However, maybe some small changes in the way I walk. I’m unclear if I would spend the money for this product for my condition (MSA).Although it may be better suited for those with some forms of SCA’s, stroke, TBI’s etc. I’m not sure but they may be worth a try.



Well I have worn, faithfully, the “Neuro-Connect One” clips for a while now. I don’t notice much difference. They very well my be of benefit to others though. I’m not sure if I would spend the money or not. I have MSA so it may be too complex for the mode of action, I’m not sure. However, I will keep wearing them for now, I don’t notice wearing them, what can they hurt?


:thinking: They are quite expensive aren’t they. But, when I consider how much I’ve already spent on various ‘supplements’ that haven’t proven to show improvement… It’s a pity we couldn’t all pool these items so everybody could try them :wink: xB


I too have tried the neuro connect. I have SCA3 and it didn’t help one bit. I am going to get my 35 bucks back. I also tried the socks and insoles with no effect. It was worth a try.


Yes I am not benefitting from the Neuro-Connect. Maybe it will work for some?
I too see no significant benefit from the socks and insoles. Maybe they help incrementally, however, I can’t tell. So I guess that’s a no. Agreed, worth a try. Someone has to be first I suppose!
Next item!