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Nerve issue

I went to sleep about two-three months ago and everything was fine. When I got up the next morning my right hamstring was in pain. It was not debilitating pain but painful nevertheless and definitely out of the normal. The pain goes from the top of the knee area to the buttocks. It’s not entirely the full hamstring area all the time. It doesn’t bother me when I sleep. Only bother me when I first get from a sitting position but when I take a few steps [not very good BTW] the pain starts to diminish but doesn’t go away completely. Also bothers me when I sit on a hard surface.

My Neuro thought it was a back issue and he sent me for a MRI. The MRI shows some herniation around the L5S1 disk which happened from a fall years ago.

Although I had the herniation years ago, I didn’t have any hamstring area problem. BTW, the hamstring muscle is fine. It’s the nerve that’s causing the problem.

Just wondering if the Ataxia is showing itself another way now because my gait is not normal. Just so you know my gait has been affected for many years!

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Sounds like sciatica pain which hopefully is not related to the ataxia but I don’t actually know if it might be. It can just flare up periodically…sorry, not much help.

I fell badly landing on my lower back a few weeks ago, and after the initial shock had worn off I didn’t appear to have any breakage, pain or bruising. Then pain kicked in :grimacing: and really incapacitated me, I was in danger of having another fall. The pain from stretched muscle took a while to settle down, but I was worried about continuing pain in my hip.

A GP explained back pain can reach so far down the thigh and yet not be sciatica, and he sent me for an X-ray. Although I have since had what I thought was sciatica running down my other leg.

Now, I have to be very mindful of sitting, not slouching, on a firm seat. Last night I fell asleep on a firm chair bolstered by cushions, on waking I realised the comfy cushions had slipped out of place and standing was agony.

After a restless night, things are pretty much the same this morning, I’ll try a painkiller and hopefully it will wear off. It’ll be a week before I get the results of the X-ray, and fingers crossed my hips are still intact. But if the pain persists, an MRI was mentioned.

My gait is becoming increasingly worse, as I walk weight isn’t equally balanced and it’s highly likely this is putting pressure on tender joints and muscles.

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Just my opinion, but Ataxia shows its ugly face in more ways than is publicized. It has a sneaky way of causing other problems because of the challenges. :hot_face:


:thinking: That is so true… just as well we share stuff.

P.S. Beryl…I hope you’re back starts to improve!!

:slightly_smiling_face: Thankyou. The good thing is, while it takes precedence I forget about the other symptoms :wink:

have you thought sciatica? hard surface, best when lying, no motion, sounds like it, I cannot tell you more, as don’t know much about it myself, just google sciatica, if in the USA, no idea under what word. I am not German, but knew it locally by a folk name Hexenshuss. literally dancing witches. I am 50/50 Brit/Slovak.

I blame ataxia for everything until it’s proven innocent. It sounds as though your ataxian gait is trapping a nerve. Or perhaps your gait is damaging your spin

I most definitely agree. I think that I have to thank Ataxia once again for making my life exciting.

… and if the ‘experts’ do manage to prove ataxia innocent, then the ‘experts’ must be being blackmailed.