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Need more surgery


Good morning all. I will be off-line for a month or two. I need more surgery to clean out a cyst in my spinal cord. This will be surgery number six. I will be at HUP in Philadelphia PA. My surgeon is excellent but he doesn’t know if the procedure will be successful. Thanks to lack of cooperation from My husband’s insurance, I cannot walk. They keep refusing to pay for services. I am now on Medicare so hopefully this will help. Thank you for your prayers and support.


Geri, all the best with your upcoming surgery. Please keep us in the loop and drop us a short post as soon as you are able!

We’ll be thinking of you.

Seenie, Meli and TJ from Moderator Support


:slightly_smiling_face:Hi Geri, very best wishes for your upcoming procedure. It’s a great comfort to have faith in your Surgeon, even if he can’t make promises, you know you’re in good hands. When you feel able, keep in touch.xB


Hi Geri,
May Abba’s hand be guiding your doctor’s hand each moment of the surgery. And may the affects of the anesthesia be mitigated as well. And don’t be too startled to find your ataxia a bit worse afterwards, though I’ll be asking Abba’s hand on you in that regard as well. Blessings, Judith



I also wish you well. Hopefully your recovery will be fast and easy and you functionality expectations are met.


May GOD bless and keep you along the way. May HIS face shine upon you and give you peace along the way.