My emotions have been on over drive here the last cuple of dayes

My past couple of days has had me so upset. I don’t understand why I totally mixed up appointments. I gave out wrong dates of information to a couple of people. Also told a couple people the wrong dates to a function that is not for until next month. What in the world is happening to me lately To make things worse I now have my balance pulling me back. It would be a bad fall back. I am getting to be afraid this will happen soon. The only choice for my safety is to get and use a wheelchair. Then I show up for my yearly mammogram. I felt she was mangling me so bad with pain I burst out sobbing telling her to stop. I couldn’t put up with the pain any longer. I have never ,never sobbed so hard over a mammogram before. I did n not overreact in no way. Pain is Pain. I requested another person to finish. Oh my gosh. I didn’t feel no pain what so ever.

So I am sorry but I am overwhelmed and down which is not me. I just had a really bad day. Not at all looking for pity just venting is all. Thanks for listening. I am done now time for bed. Have a great nght!

Vickie, it’s far better to give voice to this sort of thing, rather than have vicious thoughts go round and round in your mind. I for one have experienced similar ‘irrational’ times​:smirk: It doesn’t seem strange to me hearing about this.:slightly_smiling_face:
With SCA, it seems emotions and logic can be just as much affected, it’s not always physical.

Although my particular path with SCA has been slow, it has been challenging, I seem to have experienced quite a variety of symptoms associated with ataxia😏

For a while now, it’s crossed my mind that I would function better sat in a wheelchair🤔 But it’s a big decision to take when you are fortunate enough to still walk. When I’m on my feet, so much multitasking is involved, decision making is exhausting. Sitting down, I can concentrate much more easily, I almost feel relaxed🙂

This site exists to give support​:slightly_smiling_face: I hope you enjoyed a good night’s sleep :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Beryl…Thanks for your reply it was just that within the month so far I have learned of to much problems with my stability plus the fact that every time I cook I am always flipping things so much due to the numb hands. seems to be such a mess to bother anymore. It is nothing to think I should be able to get an egg out of my fridg. but no I usually drop it because it slides out and I can’t feel it is sliding. Within 11/2 months my feeling in my fingers and hands has dwindled away. I am between you and I getting nervous that things are happening a bit to fast. my time for having to use a wheel chair is coming to fast. I am not feeling good about that. Even when I type I have to go back over it and correct many mistakes. I never use to. Then the other day I had called my house to leave a message for my husband and I couldn’t believe how I could not understand half of what I spoke. I wondered why I was repeating things to people. I just kept thinking people must have hearing problems. But I guess it is me. I’m so sorry to dumb my situation on you Beryl. I am such a positive type that I am surprised at how I am reacting. I feel so overwhelmed with everything, I feel scared inside that I will end up a complete vegetable really soon. The thought is racing through my mind of how much of a burden I will be to loved ones. I keep telling myself to forget it as not one person can help me or any of us. I still keep saying it is what it is. I have the need to talk to my daughter about what I feel and what I want done if something were to happen to me. But, then decide not to so as not to upset her life. She is so buy with her 5 boys at this time. I want her boys to have a normal stable life. I guess I have revealed how life is hitting me hard right now and I feel like it’s waking up my thoughts a lot and there are no answers to what I have to deal with. Then my thoughts are having a concern for many others facing the same problems. So many questions with really no answers to them.
Well Beryl thanks for listening and I do understand you cannot help me but it is good to write how I feel about what’s going on. Thanks so much for the listening to me.
I sure hope you enjoy your day.

Vicki, I think you would benefit from actually meeting and talking to other people who experience ataxia themselves. No-one understands as well as another ataxian😏

If you’ve never considered it, think about joining a ‘local’ ataxia support group🙂 You may very well be put in contact with another person who lives near you and is very keen to exchange experiences, face to face🙂

Click on the following link, if the location isn’t suitable, log onto and look along the headings on the home page for Support Groups🙂

Give it some thought, it really does help to talk😘xB

Hey, we all have bad times and feel like things are things are awful. Having a good rant like this is necessary and it can help to vent your feelings - maybe you feel better for having done so? Take time out and give yourself a break.

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I never though I’d end up fully disabled. I always feel better when I let it.out.

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