Muscle Cramps

You're right! That has happened to me too. If it were acceptable, I'd be in my New Balance all the time!

I 've drunk the tonic water with quinine in it. Not sure if it made any great difference, but it is tasty!

Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions. I will definitely begin to implement some changes in my daily routine

magnesium lotion, oil, or gel is amazing.

warm bath with magnesium salts is even more powerful than epsom salts bath though both help.

All of this advice (most of it anyway) is good. I had moderate to severe cramping in my calves in the morning for nearly six months straight, I tried increasing my magnesium (which I still do) eating atleast 1 banana everyday, drinking more water...all seemed to help little, so my wife mentioned this to my regular Dr, whom we both see, and he suggested a sleep test! I thought he was nuts! Turns out, I have severe sleep apnea! After using a CPAP machine, the cramps immediately went away. What a relief! It had little (if anything) to do with my ataxia. Just sayin....

I also have used a CPAP for 8 years as I have severe sleep apnea as well. Didn't even think of that Timothy!

Hummm I think these are great idea's to try. Question: Did anyone that is using Magnum tablets get tested by your Dr. to find your levels or just tried them on you own? How many mg do you take?

I just tried it before I was tested for levels of mg. at one time I was taking 1000 mg/day, but know take 400-800. I have had my levels checked recently and they are within normal range. My understanding is that most people in the Western world are deficient, so I guess it makes sense that by supplementing I was brought back to acceptable levels.

Hi Everyone…About my leg cramps. I found out my problem. While on allergy medication. I quite taking them for one month and guess what? NO CRAMPS!!! I found that the pseudophedrin in this medication is the cause of my cramps. I feel so smart!!! Yea!! I figured this out without a doctor trying many things and billingme…Oppp’s I don’t mean this against anyone I’m just human and I felt like bragging. LOL

:blush:It’s good to know you have relief Vickie​:+1: Some medications can be the root of the problem. Unfortunately it’s mostly a case of trial and error, frustrating and expensive. All the best for 2017​:blush:xB