Losing strength in legs

I’m glad to hear it wasn’t a stroke. With exercise, using Frenkel’s text, I’ve begun learning to pace myself. No more than 15-minute sessions with a rest and then on to the next exercise. I’ve really benefited from Mike Ross, who calls himself The Balance Coach. Best balance program I’ve seen. If I hadn’t begun his program two weeks before my PT ended, they likely would not have released me! (I was recovering from a broken ankle, due to balance issues). And, Mike continues to send helpful video clips of more exercises. J

It’s recommended that anyone diagnosed with SCA be reviewed by their Neurologist yearly at least.

Symptoms can come and go, or progress seemingly rapidly, and with the types and response from individuals being so varied, an expert Neurologist needs to be consulted for the best advice.

Repetitive regular exercise to maintain muscle strength is encouraged, within an individual’s ability.

Such is the variation in our condition that some SCAs are considered mild in comparison to others, and people in this category may find their symptoms are more easily controlled and held at bay. Of course this isn’t always the case if you are the person being challenged :smirk: My own symptoms are considered mild in comparison but still have a big impact on daily life. After 25 years from the onset of ‘problems’ I’m still on my feet but have lots of limitations :smirk:

It’s a good idea to log onto www.ataxia.org and read the fact sheets :slightly_smiling_face: There’s all kinds of information and lots of helpful links :slightly_smiling_face: xB