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Life insurance


Anyone get cover post diagnosis ?


Got critical illness cover with aegon and they are refusing to pay


Knock three times on the ceiling!



I haven’t even tried, I’d be curious as well .


I am looking into getting life insurance before being tested for SCA-1. Any more thoughts or stories about at-risk or ataxia carrying people getting life insurance? I know if your job provides life insurance they don’t look into potential health conditions and risks, but that’s not a possibility for me at this point.

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Apply before! I know of no illness that threatens your work providing cover!


There are a few Insurance companies that have a no exam policy. My husband luckily had his through Fed. Employment.
Mine was through USAA and I had to go through exam. Luckily no red flags even with Autoimmune disease and Hypothyroidism. Neither of my pre-existing conditions denied me. Good luck!

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Hi Venusandsam :slightly_smiling_face: welcome, Thankyou for your comment.