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I’ve always pushed exercises on you folks. One thing I’ve never presented is that it’s my opinion that if you exercise to the point of creating a sweat you will also psychologically feel better. You won’t dwell on your situation.


I think a lot of people would agree about exercise bringing all kinds of good.

In pre-covid days, I used to swim. I like to walk, but I haven’t done much recently (must get back at it now that the weather’s good).

What do you do to keep your body moving?

Seenie from ModSupport

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Good for you. Any exercise that increases your heart rate is a good thing. My gym is closed temporarily I hope but I do live in an apartment house. My last superintendent was also a black belt in karate and he used to teach it in my building. He left a treadmill downstairs and I’m able to climb on it and workout. I realize not all of us can do that but there are aerobic exercises that can be done while sitting. Just Google it. Comes to mind: while sitting hold your arms straight out to the side. Then turn your arms in circles- 50 times in each direction.

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