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Just found this for balance


That’s true​:slightly_smiling_face: I’ll give it more thought when the Christmas post dies down :slightly_smiling_face: xB


If you called them and they said the cost would be high…a company sending overseas w/customs and such, you could buy from the US side, I have an email from a CA distributor…drop ship them to me and I’d mail them to you….an idea…jd


Beryl, do you want me to email my contact to ask? I am glad to do so.


I just sent her an email. I will post when I hear from her.


I got email from Cindy Geddes at Voxx about costs of shipping to the U.K. She said it would cost $22.50 for shipping a pair of socks, the cost of the socks, and 7% of the order for tax. She said it takes about 1 1/2 wees to get there.

She suggested you should feel free to call or write to her any time. Apparently she has some socks there, but not everything. She can also help you figure out what you need. She can be reached at:
Office: (770) ■■■■■■■■
Cell: (470) ■■■■■■■■ Texting
Email: ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■
Website: www.KeepYourBalance.info


:slightly_smiling_face: It’s very kind of you to do that Linda. I’d been thinking about something my daughter had sent to the U.S. and the carriage had been horrendous. But of course socks are another matter :wink: I will definitely follow this up after the holidays, thank you.:slightly_smiling_face: In the meantime, I do hope others who are trying the socks post about their experience :slightly_smiling_face: There has also been interest in these socks from people on Healthunlocked AtaxiaUK’. :slightly_smiling_face: xB


I’ve been wearing the Voxx socks for a while now. I have to say there are some notable differences. I would recommend them for anyone to try. They may work well for you (even better?). I have the condition MSA so I’m not sure if I benefit from them fully given the complexity of MSA. However, they may be more functional to other types of conditions (ataxias). I have not been able to try the insoles as yet, my feet are too swollen to wear my shoes! and they don’t seem to be suitable or crocs!



:slightly_smiling_face: Dave, I’m pleased to hear you recommend trying the socks, we all know that even the slightest improvement is a boost to morale :+1: Would you say they are around the normal thickness as regular socks? Do they need particularly careful washing ? I have painful big toes, I really should see a Chiropodist/foot doctor :grimacing: In the past, I always wore the outside heels of my shoes down. Now, I walk entirely differently, no wear on the heels of my shoes but, all my weight seems to rest on my big toes :flushed: No matter what type of ataxia, I know other people who find footware is a problem, just finding something comfortable and in the case of Ladies, smart, can be a minefield :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’m unable to walk in Crocs despite many other people endorsing them :smirk: I have Ugg boots which are nice and snug but not supportive. Fortunately one pair of flat boots still fit, and the soles have a good grip on slippery surfaces :+1: Just this morning, I had a charity collect stuff that no longer fits, including a few pairs of smart boots that I can no longer get the zipper up :disappointed_relieved: After New Year, a serious attempt at exercise is in order :nerd_face: xB


They are the same as normal socks. I’m not sure how they are constructed, there is no special devise that I can tell, so normal washing I suspect. I received them and didn’t notice any special washing instructions. But I’m going to check into it for sure.
I definitely have to get back into my exercise routine in the New Year maybe, a good resolution? I feel a bit ashamed as I am the first to preach the importance of even minimal exercise (what one can do). Who knows, maybe, some exercise would compliment the function of the socks?


“Hello, I didn’t notice washing instructions upon receiving my socks. Are there any special washing instructions?”

"Hello Dave,

We recommend washing the socks by hand and hang drying them.




:slightly_smiling_face: thanks Dave. I think I imagined the socks to maybe contain some metallic element, requiring specific washing. Maybe the ‘neuro reaction’ is something to do with the tension in the material :thinking: I just looked on the site, and obviously the way the socks are constructed has a lot to do with it. I previously mentioned having difficulty with zippers on my boots, this is because my legs are swollen. I can’t wear regular socks because the tops are usually too tight. After reading about Voxx socks, I’m now wondering if the actual fit will work for me :smirk: Now on the fence :roll_eyes: xB


The socks seem to me to just be regular socks. We just washed them in the washing machine–hope we were supposed to do that. There is some stitching under the ball of the foot, but one does not feel that when wearing. They seem like any other mid weight socks. I bought the insoles which I put in my athletic shoes. Similarly, I don’t feel them when wearing. I have not seen any additional improvements, but it was still certainly worth it.

I tried wearing both the socks and the insoles together for two days, but it did not help more.


Beryl. I don’t know how concerned you are about cofifentiality-I am not at all concerned about mine-but I wanted to let you know that I told Cindy that I “met” you in my on-line ataxia support group, you live in the UK, and I think I told her you are female. That is it,


:slightly_smiling_face: That’s ok Linda. I once googled something and found a link to myself :joy: Many groups, including this one, can be read by anyone, so it’s basically the making public of email addresses and telephone numbers that we need to be careful about. :blush: xB


Yes, I was also concerned about swelling. My legs, ankles, and feet are swollen to the point that I cannot wear normal shoes, (crocs only all seasons) and seldom wear socks at all. However, the Voxx socks don’t seem to cause any issues. They are similar to what I refer to as a dress sock (light in knit), and are relatively light weight.


:slightly_smiling_face: Good to know, thank you Dave :slightly_smiling_face: xB


Hi Linda. I only ordered the socks and I feel when I’m wearing them that I am a bit more stable. I have EA2 but my gait and balance is constant. Considering ordering the insoles but am waiting to hear more reviews here.


I see no significant benefit from the socks and insoles. Maybe they help incrementally, however, I can’t tell. So I guess that’s a no. Agreed, worth a try. Someone has to be first I suppose!
I will keep wearing them though.
Next item!


Can’t open the site due to some link


:wink: Must be gremlins at work. I just clicked on the link, and got straight onto the site. If it continues to fail for you, try searching for Voxx Socks :thinking: xB