Ataxia Support

Introducing myself

Well, church is off for me today, as I would be drenched before I even got to my car, let alone getting the wheelchair out at the other end! So I thought it was about time that I introduced myself.

I was finally diagnosed with spinocerabellar degeneration 2 years ago, having worried my friends and colleagues by falling down without warning. Having lived with Scoliosis all my life, defying doctors who said I would never walk; fought to go to mainstream schools, university and get a full-time job, I thought I'd had my fill of things to endure.

Now, I can hardly walk and things that used to take 5 minutes, take half an hour!

On a good day I remember that I have had 40 years of walking and doing crazy things like walking miles in a Polish Salt Mine and a Croatian natural park.

On a bad day I think of the things I will never get to do.