Intro from Geri

Hi. I’m Geri from Lehigh County, PA. I’ve had Ataxia for 1.5yr. It’s hard to live with so I pray a lot. So far, God has provided very well. If anyone knows of any exercises to relieve symptoms, please let me know. Yesterday was a bad day. Weather didn’t help. Thanks for your time.

There are ton of videos & info

Also look into Balancewear belt

Hi Geri, welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
As a rule, we’re advised to exercise within our individual caperbilities :slightly_smiling_face: Obviously with such a variety of challenging symptoms, not everyone is up to coping with the same type of exercise​:slightly_smiling_face: Often it’s advisable to seek advice from Neurophysiotherapists to prevent potential injuries.

However, the National Ataxia Foundation provides information regarding exercise. If this link doesn’t work, log onto and click on FACT SHEETS, scroll down to Coordinative Physiotherapy for Patients with Ataxia🙂


I like the recumbent bike. Seems to help if I keep my legs moving. Also my Dr told me to take nerve renew supplement. Not sure if it helps yet

Hi Geri,

My name is Eunice. I’ve been diagnosed with ataxia when I was 28. I watched beginner mat pilates videos on youtube everyday for 3 months. I ate fairly healthy as well. I was able to move and walk normally. I am 34 now, still working a full time job, keeping consistent with the exercise and eating healthy.
I noticed I get extremely tired at night and really hot or cold weathers affect my ataxia as well. I started to wear a balance wear vest to support me when walking up or down stairs. Keep up with the exercise and stay positive.

Thanks, everyone. I’m staying positive & keeping up with exercises. So…what’s a balance wear fest? Sounds like something I should consider.

Geri🙂 For a full explanation see :slightly_smiling_face:xB

Wow, that’s a fascinating web site. It gives me hope in living with this condition. Thanks a lot.


Hi Geri,

Strange but for me whenever I do exercises, I am left very weak. My legs give out and am very weak. No matter how often I perform or repeat the exercise. Everybody (doctors, PT, OT, etc) says “you need to exercise” but it seems ONLY in my case it does not work. So do your exercises! :slight_smile:

From my diary, I noticed every “cloudy” day makes my balance worst.

Good luck and may God bless.

Thanks Henry. You’re very kind. I also sometimes get tired after exercising but I keep doing it anyway. It’s that important. Cloudy days bother me as well.