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Do ataxians become apathetic
Do we gradually withdraw?

Hi Bernard - I'm unsure if it's withdrawal or not...I should say, I think that it depends on what stage a person is in.

I definitely do things quite a bit differently now, and my choices are much different now which sometimes doesn't include a lot of "fanfare"; however, I think that the whole withdrawal thing is natural to do in the depression stage of loss.

I agree with the idea that it depends on what stage a person is in! I was very withdrawn and lost a lot of self confidence when my ataxia(s) started to affect me badly. I lost interest in social activities and because some hobbies became very much chores - I gave them up.

After four plus years of ataxia (known), I have made adjustments and have got some of my hobbies back and a better social life!

So! Yes, ataxians do sometimes become withdrawn.

As for apathy, I really cannot be bothered! (Had to get that one out of my system!)

Yeah! At times I'm sure we all feel a bit like we hve no control and or get dissinterested in self or the world around us - especially when we are told things like "you definately have a health problem but we do not know what it is" by health professionals. It is easy for an ataxian (and sometimes others) to feel we lack the ability to face a challenge or to become doomful with regard our condition. This is part of life for many people though - not just ataxians.

Keep well, stay interested and try not to become withdrawn. :)

Thanks for replies
What really keeps me going
Is my wife and 3 children

No, surely not. But maybe a bit stoical?


I have noticed I am a lot more passive and could not care less… My vulnerabîlity has a lot to do with it. Children give a purpose

i think this is also a matter of how we can enact control over our body. When ataxia progresses we need new concepts how to move. But in my case i tend to avoid movements and actions,and so a sort of withdrawal is programmed.

I totally agree with Joe Hamed I couldn’t think of no :baby: children to worry about!
The only problem is when they leave home…