Ataxia Support Network

I'm not doing so good


When i get some time to myself today I will call the hotline.


Sounds good I have their number saved I will let you know what happens when I call larer.


Dropped in and ended up reading this entire thread. I can relate to a lot of the things people have said.

A few years ago I stopped telling people I have ataxia. They never understand so what’s the point? If they see me stumble or look/act retarded I just briefly say I have a neurological disorder and it’s no big deal. I get tired of the “can you get better” conversation. So I don’t go there with people. If they ask I say “Nope!” And change the subject. It’s not xtheir business.

I got a dog a few years ago, a pit bull. They are needy and require regular exercise. I didn’t want this dog, but he was in a bad situation and I couldn’t say no. Now he’s my best friend. He can tell when my ataxia is bad, like a therapy dog, and stays near me.

I also got accidentally pregnant a few years ago. I don’t get to sleep or rest much anymore, and my ataxia has been worse because of that.

But I found that focusing my energy on someone who needed me-first with my dog and then with my son, got me out of my feelings, forced me to try harder than I thought possible, and it has made me happy.

The ataxia is not you. Don’t let your life revolve around it. Make yourself put your energy into a positive challenge, which has nothing to do with ataxia. You’ll find yourself.