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I think it's not getting worse?


I still have low vision( macular degeneration) . I still have a slow gait I still can’t run or jump but the shakes have gone down. I’m a little shaky around people and groups but that’s just my nervousness making the sca7 worse. But I’m not in a wheelchair and I can have a small amount of independence. Very small but that’s something. It feels like this thing has leveled off a bit? Granted I am on medication…


:slightly_smiling_face: When you actually stop and realise things have plateaued, it can be good feeling. It took me a good while to experience this sort of thing, I’d heard about it but… It actually is fairly common. Social situations, when extra ‘multitasking’ is required, can be exhausting but often well worth the effort :slightly_smiling_face: Just get plenty of quiet and rest afterwards :wink: xB