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Hemiplegic Migraine?


It’s best that you have not been depressed and that your a Phsycologist :). When I read about episodic ataxia I didn’t know they where so recurrent. I know some people get them once a month other can get it daily. Diamox works for some but no for others, correct. Per the genetecist my son has a new mutation that is not on their database so with him it’s very much a wait and see approach. We don’t know how bad it’s going to be, or if he will not develop these episodic ataxia or if he will develop them completely. Are you able to do sports in your good days? Do you have fun motor trouble?



I used to be an avid cyclist clocking up 100 to 150 miles a week. Not sure if it did my body any good as I was constantly tired from the cycling considering my petite size at 5’2. I cannot do any land-based sport anymore as they trigger episodes so at the moment my beautiful bike is just collecting dust… I took up swimming instead after watching YouTube for hours to learn how to swim. Now I swim 2.5 km a week. Being in the water is the most natural and beautiful thing my body experience, and I never ever had an attack afterwards. It also keeps my body very well toned. You should definitely let your child swim if he cannot do other sport. It can address his low muscle tone issue. I intentionally moved to a flat near the pool that’s how much I need water in my life.


Great to hear! Thank you very much! He actually started swimming lessons today :slight_smile: .
He loves playing Tennis and Soccer and is great at it :slight_smile: