Having Ataxia But still accepting humor on life

We all understand that actually having Ataxia there is never any humor when it comes to living our lives with this disease.
I did however do something the other day that had me laughing once I realized it was me that was causing the humor.

Here is what took place…

I was in the Ataxia forum reading many of our write ups when I came across this one write up that was really catching my interest. After reading a short bit of the story I noticed that they explained exactly how they felt or how the Ataxia was hitting them. With such an interest I said to my husband that he just had to listen as I found I was reading someone’s write up about what they had dealing with on Ataxia. I read all the way through and said how odd it was to explain their symptoms to be exactly like mine.
As we all seem to explain differently maybe a symptom, this sounded exactly in the way I would write it. Then my husbad said that it sounds like how my symptoms are exactly.
As he said that I was just in a daze looking out the window and I was thinking to myself,
I wondered who had exactly the same exact symptom’s as I.
So, looking above to see who was so like me I saw a name of who wrote this.
IT WAS MEEE!!! While laughing so hard my husband as what was so funny. That’s when I said that person who sounded exactly like me WAS me. We both had a good laugh over this.
I am so thankful just knowing I have a good husband who is here for me through the good and bad on this Ataxia. How blessed he makes me feel.


:joy: Vickie, it’s always the unlikeliest of things that raise spirits​:wink:
Often, my ‘errors’ make all the difference😂 Laugh as much as possible😉xB

That was funny! Could have happened to anyone. Through our Ataxia we maintain our character. I have never been a depressed, worrying person. I was blessed with a good dose of positivism and I believe it’s very important to always see matters in perspective. Ataxia is not the worst disease one can get. Always look on the bright side of life, as Monty Python would say… :wink: Keep laughing!

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I am so glad to know others realize our lives are still worth a good laugh
once in awhile. Your right to keep our laughter and smiles going. They
hurt nobody at all. Actually they can be good medicine for us.

Smile Everyone we are allowed to be Happy!:heartpulse:


I have ti admit I have done that myself but without reading it out … I excused myself on the grounds that I had written it many years ago. Easily done when you have been writing on forums for 10 years or more. Good to laugh though.

I guess you had to be there.

I know that lots of the stuff I do is down right funny. Laughing at my mistakes is better than crying.

Lol what a friend you made!

:slightly_smiling_face: Today, I found everything humorous :flushed: It was one of those days that the drunken side of ataxia showed its true colours. But, I did enjoy a good laugh :joy: xB

That was funny @Vickie_W! Recently I read something similar about a new mum. It can happen to anyone.
I read your thread because of its positive side, which reminds me that even when (and because of the disease maybe) your mind is fogged up with the darkest thoughts, there is still a silver lining.
M x

:slightly_smiling_face: I was with a friend at my local Ataxia Clinic this morning. Despite her appointment looming, we had a good chinwag and a jolly good laugh :joy: xB

Sorry @Vickie_W, mistaken id, hope you had a smile though. M x