Has anyone tried Botox for Ataxia?

I am curious if anyone has tried Botox for Ataxia. Did it help, where you able to recover control of your affected limb?

Did you experience any negative affects?

I have cervical dystonia. My neurologist tells me that it's part of ataxia, even though not everyone will get it, and not all cases of dystonia mean you have ataxia. I'm just one of the "lucky" ones I guess. I have been receiving treatment for dystonia for approximately 10 years, and that treatment is botox injections in my neck and shoulders every three months. At the start of the treatment, I couldn't straighten my neck, and I was in great pain. Now I get the odd niggle and my neck is pretty close to straight. The dystonia is still there, but no longer a great issue.

Botox is a pretty strong and dangerous drug, but provided it is given by a competent neurologist, there should be no problems. Mine insisted I have someone with me for the first 24 hours, just in case. It saved my life.

I can't recommend it. Botox traveled from the injection site, on me, and went to the brain. It almost killed me. This has caused irreversable damage. I have improved, but cannot really do much anymore.

Of course, there are only a handful of us, that Botox has had this bad effect. You could review the new "black box warnings". Google botox lawsuits for more info. After review, one is better prepared to make a decision.

Not trying to scare anyone, but the truth is the truth. I was a very active and athletic female w a company to run and a disabled child to care for. Now, I have to be 'cared for'.

Because I didn't sue Allergan, I am free to warn others about life-altering changes from Botox injections. So I do, when asked. Thanks!

No but several members of my group have and quite successfully .. in neck for tremour, in bladder for control and cant remember the other one.