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Ginger & LemongrassTea


Has anyone been able to reduce dizziness & lack of coordination by drinking tea? Just doing more research. Thank you.


When my balance was super affected due to a broken ankle I would inhale peppermint-the aroma therapy type of essential oil. Big help. Also, if you can stand and hold out your arms to either side…turn toward your left hand, focusing on the outermost wrist bone and with your hand ‘write’ the alphabet A-L with your left hand and then M-Z with your right hand (with your eyes focused on the outermost wrist bone. It’s an exercise a functional neurologist showed me…and it works. Peppermint oil inhalation first, then the alphabet. Let me know how it helps. JD


It’ll be a while yet before I can safely stand. However, the peppermint oil sounds very interesting. Thank you.


Try it leaning against a bathroom counter…perhaps? Or lean against a friend…or even begin while seated…best to you. JD


Going to try tea, I am very dizzy!


I ordered ginger tea from Amazon. Waiting for the shipment to show up.