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I am having a hard time navigating this site, but I finally found a way I hope. I am having a hard time with spasms in the neck, my neck is twisting and contorting my face and it hurts. I have a hard time when this happens during sleep. I contacted my PCP about botox shots to stop the spasms and the doctor refused said him and the neurologist cant see a need for botox for spasms. The HMO I have you cant sue for treatment you have to arbitrate so I am out of luck. They are good if you come in by ambulance and have good treatment. If you do not need the emergency room you are out of luck. I am just disgusted to tell you the truth. Jerry

I have these spasms too. My neurologist diagnosed it as dystonia. It often occurs at the same time as Ataxia. My extreme eye twitching got so bad my eyes would close shut where I could not open them for 10-20 seconds. This got so scary when I was driving. I now get 10 botox shots around my eyes every 5-6 months. But I do not get botox shots in my neck, legs, ribs and arms. These spasms are so painful. The only relief I get is using CBD oil. Now I have my medical marijuana card I take CBD with a little THC. The painful spasms are gone but my balance is also super affected. So right now I am finding a does that works. I can handle a little pain and a little imbalance. Good luck that pain is so bad.