Foods to avoid!

Hi I have episodic ataxia type 2…I was wondering if anyone knew if there are certain foods that you should avoid or if there are any suppliments to take to help with attacks…I am 30 years old and have had ataxia for about my whole life but now i have attacks almost everyday or i am affraid that i am going to get an attack which then leads to an attack so now it is hard for me to even leave the house and i love to go do stuff. Any advice would be so greatly apprciated.

Hi😊 With your type of ataxia, there are known triggers which can led to a flare up of symptoms. Caffeine and alcohol are mentioned, along with high carbohydrate meals.

As far as diet is concerned, you can find a recommended diet sheet on and it is suitable for most people, although those who are diagnosed with Gluten
Ataxia usually keep to a specific rigid diet to minimise flareups. (click on Download our Ataxia Fact Sheets)
TheseFacts Sheets are very useful, you’ll find one for Episodic Ataxia. If you need specific guidance, consult your Neurologist.

I’ve been following a strict gluten free and very low carb diet for three years since I was diagnosed. Google Ketogenic Diet. It was recommended by my Neurologist from Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. I’ve also been experimenting with CBD oil and find it somewhat helpful.

whats cbd oil? thanks.

It’s a byproduct of the Marijuana plant with the THC removed. You don’t get high, but its been show to help Parkinson’s patients with seizures. I’m desperately trying anything and everything.

By the way, my wife is doing the Keto diet also. She doesn’t have Ataxia but wants to support me. She loves it; she’s fells better and has lost weight.

Cbd oil (cannabidiol) has the potential to give relief to a wide variety of conditions, without the ‘high’ associated with cannabis.
I tried the Ketogenic diet years ago, because I’d initially been diagnosised with Epilepsy. :smirk: As far as I recall it was challenging​:smirk:xB

Seriously?You lost weight with such a high fat diet? I believe you though. But anyway I don’t eat meat. Have you been dx with Parkinson’s or Ataxia? Thanks Jtadej.

Beryl, I have epilepsy since childhood but never did the veto diet bc I don’t eat meat. I think any diet is challenging…

SCA Type 1, diagnosed three years ago when I fell and broke my neck. Confirmed with MRI’s and genetic testing. The Mayo Clinic doctors have been very helpful.

As far as the Keto diet. That’s how humans ate for millions of years, only recently, since 1950 have doctors been urging us to eat more carbs and less fat. Look how that’s worked out. We’re all sick and fat; in my opinion we have been lied to by the “sick” care industry for years. After changing the way we eat, my wife and I weigh what we weighed in College and my symptoms have reduced. I was forced to retire but I’m still pretty active.

After the ‘misdiagnosis’ of Epilepsy ( now it may be an ataxia associated with Epilepsy) and my ‘dip’ into the Ketogenic Diet, I was thought to have Candidiasis😏

The symptoms can be uncannily like those of ataxia, although the condition itself is an overgrowth of yeast, often throughout the body. So, it meant another diet, yeast free😑
I stuck with it for a while, it meant cutting out sugar and high carbohydrates … and coffee😑

Eventually, my specific ataxia symptoms made it difficult to maintain enough concentration to focus on anything, never mind diet🙄 Currently, I’m in a better place but I really need to lose weight, and am having another attempt at the Candida diet😉xB

** By far the best results I ever had re diet was Slimming World😉

Thank you …I think I might try the low carb diet…where can you get the oil from?

Another gluten free success story here. My husband went gluten free December 1, 2016. Within a week I could see a difference in his overall balance. He still has bouts of severe imbalance, but overall I see a significant improvement. Well worth the effort. In addition his CPAP machine for sleep apnea helped in his alertness.