Finding Work

Soc.sec has A " compassionate Allowance" for Ataxia.

Thanks for the feedback. I have a neurologist appointment scheduled next and I will have long hard discussion to see why I was denied. Maybe he can help move it along. Right now my wife, my son and myself are living with the in-laws, god bless them for having us. We do pay rent from my wife working. Lately things around here are trying, my brother-in-law can be quite mean to my son. For the most part I have to bite my lip and move past that. Just hoping to get a place of our own… soon. That disability payment would at least push us in the right direction. Thanks

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I can relate, we lived with the in-laws for almost a year. Not while I was ill, but very trying just the same.
Actually I count my blessings that I didn’t have my condition at the time, it would have made things more difficult I’m sure. But what ever it takes to get ahead right?
We had my brother in-law live with us for a while, also trying times. He was an alcoholic and a single dad. So we had to pick up the pieces of his life and help get him on the right track. Again I was not ill at the time thank goodness! I needed full power to deal with that.
Hopefully things will turn around for you, and may your future be brighter!

Cerebellar ataxia is on the compassionate allowances list, along with downs and brain cancer. The list means people with these conditions cannot get better and so are automatically approved. You or a lawyer will have to pull that up and show it to the judge.

As to not making enough money, you should talk to a disability lawyer and see if there is a way around it.

Otherwise, what you’re really going to need to do is get a computer job, or something like that, for a couple years, make as much as possible, and then when you’ve run yourself into the ground (you will if you try to work again), apply then. You’ll have a stronger case with worse symptoms and you can show that you gave it the ol college try.

You’ll obviously want to earn as much as possible before you go out on disability so your check is higher. You might even have the chance to sign up for supplemental disability insurance that doesn’t have a pre existing condition clause (since you have a dx). Then you could possibly get more.

Thanks for your kind words, I just had neurologist appt and he wanted 10 lab work-ups, blood drawn they took 8 tubes out of me and I got light headed and almost got sick. Getting blood usually does not bother me but I guess maybe it was the amount they took. Heading back tomorrow to my hometown for a week almost like a mini-vacation from all negativity here. Seeing all my family and friends. We will probably celebrate my son birthday he turned 15 today. Thanks again for chiming in for a chat. Take Care.