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Feeling "stoned"


yesterday I had just gotten off the Great Wheel (I live in Seattle, Wa and they have a huge Ferris wheel on the waterfront), and we went and had lunch. While we were there, I noticed that everything seemed crystal clear and “sharp” , like a good camera can make everything appear. The colors were brighter, etc. then I started to feel “stoned”, everything was slow moving, I was speaking slower, things around seemed different somehow. (I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s and I know what stoned feels like and appears.) When we got up to leave, I started staggering. I grabbed hold of my husband’s hand in a “death grip”. When we left, I was staggering big-time, and if he let go of my hand, I would wander into things (such as the street, construction site, etc.). Poor man, people probably felt sorry for him, his wife is drunk! By the time we took the water taxi across the bay to our car, it had almost worn off, about an hour. My question is this: has anyone else felt this way? Do you think the height of the Wheel had anything to do with it? It was the strangest thing I’ve ever felt! If anyone has ever felt this way, please respond on this site. My ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■


I’ve had this several times when suddenly everything goes quiet but things around me seem louder and clearer and it’s like I’m all alone even if I’m with people. Sometimes it can be a sugar rush that goes as quickly as it came which can make you feel stoned. Maybe get your blood sugar tested just to be sure or it can be a build up of meds if you take any especially pain killers or it can be a rush of certain chemicals in the brain doing an overload. People call it “brain fog” and I know that there are certain Ataxias where this happens. I have SCA6 and I have definitely had this several times. Hope this helps but I’d defo get your blood sugar checked.
Take care Bev x


Thank you, Bev. I know that my blood sugar was low at the time, but a friend and a doctor said that it was a combination of things: low blood sugar,the ataxia,the height of the Wheel,and the rotation of the Wheel. All bad combinations. But I’m glad to find out that other people hav this, too. I have learned so much from this site! I have a Russian chiropractor, who is also an M.D.,and he knows a lot about ataxia, more than other doctors. He is also helping me with this disease