Famous celebrities with Ataxia

Hey, I have Ataxia and Psoriatic Arthritis too

You’re so kind, but no need to apologize!


Seriously! Are you a member of our kick-butt Psoriatic Arthritis community? Livingwithataxia is a really nice group, but the people on the PsA community never . shut . up! You’ve never heard such a lot of noise on one site. :hear_no_evil: ROFL!

If you’re not, I think you should sign up.

Selma Blair has MS…but no known celebrity with Ataxia (that I am aware of).

It sound great (said with heavy sarcasm) . I don’t need negativity in my life, I feel god with this nice group.

good not god…

Why not go lurk on livingwithpsoriaticarthritis.org and see: it’s quite a good and upbeat group! We actually have some good laughs together. (I’m one of the members, this is my Ben’s Friends “home” community.)