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It really upsets me to read of so many people having repeated falls.
I had several before I knew I had ataxia. Then right after my diagnosis and the cheery admonition of the neurologist to not fall I had a really serious fall. Among other injuries I had broken my foot which had to be repaired with pins. I was I a wheelchair for the next four months.
Now I attribute that fall to not having my cane or walker I use and to being unfocused. Be mindful at all times do not take chances and do not hurry. I have not had another fall in nearly two years and try my best to avoid them at all cost. I wish everyone a fall free future.


You would think that a person would automatically be very wary when they knew they were susceptible to falls wouldn’t you?

For me, this isn’t always the case.

There are days when I’m fully focused, and just have near misses. But all too often concentration can wander and I fail to notice a drop in the Kerb, or stand up too quickly etc. and away I go.


I fell & broke my ankle while on vacation last fall. I was using my walker & lost my balance & the floor won. Ironically, two hours before I had mentioned to my wife that I thought the floor under the carpet was concrete at the condo. Ever since then, I get around with my wheelchair. I have tried to use my walker several times but I am too shaky.


So sorry to hear of your fall Bob. Falls do set us back don’t they? I had physic months later to get me walking again but don’t feel I ever got back where I was. I got an electric scooter to get around on and I feel more independent than in a wheel chair.


I use my walker most every time I move, but exercise my legs dailey so Maybe I can stay off a wheelchair, or put if off for awhile. I do fall and that might be my downfall..