Falling backwards

a couple years ago, I fell in the shower and broke the hot water shower knob. Didn't hurt my head but had to get a new hot water shower knob. After that, I installed a hand rail. gotta use caution all the time, like I didn't know that. lol

Hey Granny, what catalog did you see that shower stool in?

Last February I was going up the stairs in my home, and I fell backwards from about the seventh stair, and broke two fingers in my left hand, I think it was because my left leg did a funny thing, which it often does due to my Ataxia. My Ataxia did not start until 5 years ago at the age of 77, so I consider myself very lucky - the Neuro consultants do not know why it decide to start - mine is Sensory Ataxia. When I go up stairs now , I lean forward. Because I can't do "down"- slopes etc. I have to go down stairs sideways very carefully looking to the side.

Take care everyone , and have a good Xmas. Doug, Bristol, England.

I think that I actually saw it on line at www.drivemedical.com. I got a new walker (rollator) and looked up their site online.

James E. Harnest said:

a couple years ago, I fell in the shower and broke the hot water shower knob. Didn't hurt my head but had to get a new hot water shower knob. After that, I installed a hand rail. gotta use caution all the time, like I didn't know that. lol

Hey Granny, what catalog did you see that shower stool in?

Willis I have had many MRI's all come back normal. I have a full page and 1/2 of all the tests they have prescribed. They all came back normal. I have taken Theraphy (which did not help) in a pool and also out. I can walk with a rollator but I find I really lean forward and if I am tired I can't even do that. I sleep alot during the day. I cannot stand without holding on to something for very long. I have been to John Hopkins with no diagnosis - only they don't know what is wrong with me. I have lost 30 pounds but I eat three good meals every day.
Willis Whitlock said:

Bruno It sounds like you have not been fully diagnosed. 6 nero docs and they still aren't sure? Have you been to a Dr. attached to a medical school. Most of the garden variety nero docs don't know much, if anything about ataxia. I hope you have at least had a MRI of your cerebellum.
I'm wondering how they treat an ailment they don't understand.

I have episodic, sporadic, idiopathic Ataxia. I have a tendency to fall forward and I feel like a pendulum when standing without support. I use a walker now and feel supported and confident. My walking is better, but I have fallen too about 10 times and managed unhurt with a bad sprain. The worst fall is on my grandson’s first birthday when I tried to hold my husband’s hand to climb on to a small platform from my wheelchair to go over to the other side. I slowly landed on to,the floor and could not get up. My husband suffers from Parkinson’s and could not help me. A passer by, came to our rescue and put me on my wheel chair. My spirits were so run down I could not enjoy the party and was gripped by fear. An unforgettable day in my life!

Thanks for the website Granny...,they have a good selection of many different useful items! ;o)

Hi, I also fall backwards. I have fallen backwards down the stairs a couple of times and my OT has now had a lift installed in the house The OT also had a wet room installed as I used to have a shower over my bath ,but I had a few bad falls when in the shower, which is a bit embarrassing. I was usually well on the way to the ground before i even realised I was falling which made it worse. Your OT can help make your house safe for you, you just have to ask to get assessed.

i have had this two times: 1. after my EEG in October. It came suddenly when i just stood in the line for the reception. Also pulling me back from my waist to my head. I did not experience this before, it was the EEG which caused it. But i did not fall. i ask my self from where this origins. Some special area of the brain? Really the cerebellum?

The second time in the last days, i cannot specify the exact cause. Was it from the influenca vaccination or from earplugs - use during the night.. Also there i did not fall. But have a horror getting this again. Its dangerous.

Hi Lassie-Elena, I used to fall back on my heals then fall a lot of the time. Not eating any gluten helped me not do it as often but it still was happening until I had a few sessions with Dr. Tom Clouse. He taught me that when my balance/weight goes on my heals to talk to myself (at first out loud then after a while in my head) to immediately put more weight on my balls of my feet and balance out the weight.

That's why focused movements (exercise) I found is something that I have no choice but to do daily so I have more leg strength and core strength to be able to move even just a few inches more forward and center myself so I won't fall.

It still seems to happen to me if I'm not paying attention to my feet, with walking, standing etc. That's when I now hear his words in my head. That helps me a lot. I wanted to share this in case it helps you too! Hope so! :0)


We all seem to fall backwards and other directions
I firmly believe it is up to us as ataxians to take
Responsibility for our actions and using whatever aids available to

Prevent falling!

Falling is too easy for us ataxians and unexplainable to non ataxians so avoid it totally 100%

TY Bernard. I agree about protecting ourselves.

I am amazed at the caring of this group !

It was 1ST. time to comment.

What I really want know is somewhat different . The night after my cereblum was idamgged. I was waked from a sound sleep .I was in a semi privat rm. in hospital. . my rm. mate called the nurse to say I was having a secizure . I told the nurse , No such thing.

what woke me caused a strange throaty sound came from my mouth. my knees shot up torward to face , my bottem shat down in my sleep. It happened 3 times in hosp. my body from waist to top of head would go backwards in me sleep, at home., My husband was in awe. After that going on about 6-10 months . My trunk began to drop when walking (just on me feet. I called it the groucho marks walk. my legs gave out out of the blue. . them going backwards started in the day time . I quickly learned how not to get hurt. as soon as backward pull backward feeling started I'd go to my knees and push my trunk forward. I had several trips to the E.R. . they had no answers for me.

I have several falls 1 broken wrist etc. caused by going forward or to the side. very poor balance.

I was 59 yrs. old when it began and turned 70 last wk. !1 yrs ago Ataxia was diagnosed. It is not getting better (of course. But it was such a relief to know what it was.

Finding this site is amazing to me and I don't feel so alone and relieved to hear how others or coping, and actually have similar symptons.

I would love to know if any one exoerienced the trunk going backwards. like a magnet pulling me.

Sorry for going on so long .

Oh ! I also found that talking with friends ar someone taking my arm . and Stairs,curbs I have had my worst falls.

I handle it best alone and walking stick , concentrate . Night,

I have a tendency to fall forward and when I try to stand without support I swing like a pendulum minimally. With increased dose of Gamapentin the side ways swing is reducing not fully gone. All days are not colorful though I try to bring color, and I do not want to give up!

Hi Nan,

during which activities do you experience this tendency? Sometime i have - while walking - a swinging forwards, - it is felt left and in wanders to the right sight. Then i try to regulate this by walking. I would never have come to the idea exercising just standing. This is an exercise introduced by the neurologists, if useful or not, - i am not decided.