Ataxia Support


Does having ataxia,make it difficult for people with this condition hard to get any social security disability?I have worked for over 25 years,working two jobs,16 hours a day.Now my condition has worsen with this angioma in the brainstem that i have has contributed to my ataxia.I always walk like i am drunk with severe balance problems.I have lateral nerve damage,ataxic gait,vision problems,hearing problems,speech,coordination.I have depth perception,cannot drive in the rain or the night.I was diagnose in 1999,i was told this was inoperable and it will get worse attacking my nervous system in which i am experiencing.My life has become difficult,i cannot exercise,play sports,go to social activities because i am embarrass of someone watching me lose my balance,shop in stores,stuck in the house when it is raining because i cannot see at all in the rain that makes me depress,i have numbness and tremors.My life has been very difficult.Could anybody attest to this,if they are having these problems.Thank You

I can definitely relate.I can’t work or drive anywhere.I can’t get out unless someone takes me.And yes it is very embarrassing when I do.And when people don’t accept it makes it worse.I had to realize that not all people accept disabilities of others.Which is very hard.Don’t stay in because of this I tried this it makes it worse.Believe me speaking from experience.I have vision and mobility issues and walk with walker and have power chair now.Praying and reading with help of visual equipment my bible.This has helped alot.But don’t avoid all contact just explain to people if they don’t accept it just move on.Hang in there your not alone