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Constipation - Ataxia or not?


Oh I defiantly have Celiac’s disease bowel biopsy at 11 mths old, and a lot later and a bit older another procedure confirmed that the lining of the bowels where still flat which is the villi (they are like little tenticals which catch the good stuff) which helps keep the good bacteria in so I loose a lot of goodness out the rear end lol
Well let’s move on! I have recently join this site because I have been diagnosed with ataxia a fact I didn’t mentioned while talking about the above mentioned! Oh and by the way I would never in a million year’s have thought to be talking to a male about such an interesting topic ;-: lol

But where all in the same shitty boat so to speak! lol… sorry must be having a good day amusing myself. Having so many frustrations and health issues and the health systems you have over there must be very difficult for you.

Anyway it’s very nice to meet YOU! It it seems you have a lot more on your plate than I do I wish you the best.




I assumed you had ataxia just because you’re in this forum. We’re all have it - lucky us. The same goes for talking to a male about such matters, we all have bowels too. :slightly_smiling_face: I didn’t intend to suggest I had a lot on my plate. Reading through what other people say on this forum, I am very fortunate - so far.


Morning cross eye’s
I hope I didn’t offend I was only say about talking to a male about bodily function because it was a first for me. Of course our bodies do a lot of the same thing’s male or female and any answers, advice or help we can give each other is so beneficial.

As for having a lot on your plate I didn’t me to imply anything negative. I think we all go around in circles as to what’s on out plate at certain time’s. Sometimes it’s overwhelming other time’s its let’s just get on with it! Then there’s time’s when where so sick of it! But your right of course there’s always someone having a harder time when you look around.

I hope you have a good day.



No I’m not offended in the least. I was joining your humour. If we don’t see humour and join it then we’ll become … not sure what we’ll become but it won’t be very nice.


I had the pleasure of seeing my neurologist at the world class Movement Disorders Clinic at Toronto Western Hospital.
She has come to the conclusion that I need to see a gastroenterologist. She is making a referral.
Does anyone have any words of wisdom for my visit? What should I ask?
Hopefully he/she can relieve my constant constipation.


:slightly_smiling_face: Just last week I had the pleasure of a similar appointment myself. Although this wasn’t ‘blockage’ related, it was bleeding. In the past, there’s been an Endoscopy (which was clear)…I will point out that although I have a nervous disposition, this was managed by a Throat spray beforehand. And a Sigmoidoscopy, which is what I’m having again next month… My Consultant assures me this can be managed by a few whiffs of gas and air…:joy: I’m always concerned about constipation, as a child my appendix burst, and afterwards my mother dosed me with Liquid Paraffin to avoid constipation… I think about this daily :wink: Until recently, I was taking Psyllium Husk capsules, they seemed to help, and you do need to drink plenty of water. But, Pysllium Husk isn’t suitable for everyone. When you do eventually find something that ‘works’…don’t keep it to yourself :wink:

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Beryl, I had a Sigmoidoscopy. It’s really not too bad, didnt feel any pain. Much better than a colonoscopy. You have the pleasure😀 of an enema beforehand. I was really scared but one of the least invasive things I have had. Good luck.


:slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for those words of comfort Banana. My previous one was in 2004, and unfortunately I still have vivid memories. I agree with you, I wouldn’t say it was painful, but I felt I was going to explode with the pressure :wink: And, I have a DIY enema to contend with :roll_eyes: xB


I had the gruesome pleasure of severe constipation the other night. It got so bad, we had to call for an ambulance. I landed in emergency at the hospital were I endured 3 enemas, 1 suppository, a glass of Relax-a-Day, and most humiliating of all, the digital removal of hardened stool (removal by hand). I attribute this severe constipation to a period of sedentary lifestyle.
There was a few days were I found myself under extreme muscle paralyzation and could not help but sit in my recliner.
Feeling so helpless and isolated, I knew I was in a great deal of trouble, however I could do nothing.
Normally I can do some basic exercises outlined by my physical therapist, and I really try and eat well. This time constipation got ahead of me.
I occasionally take a Senokot and consume plenty of water.
Thank goodness that’s over (for now).
So getting back to the main question and topic of this thread, Constipation-Ataxia or not?, I attribute my moment of lack of movement to my inability to balance and coordinate, the muscles in my digestive system do not function as they should thus paving a clear path for constipation. So I think they are definitely related.


OUCH!!! Hutchy, what I do to combat constipation [it’s been working fine for quite awhile; hope I haven’t jinxed anything here by saying that]. I take a 200 Mg pill of Solgar Magnesium Citrate twice a day making a 400 total. One in the morning with my other pills and one in the evening [an hour or so before bedtime]. Plus I take a rounded teaspoon of Konsyl or Metamucil [psyillium] twice a day mixed with a liquid. Also drink a glass of water after using it. Again in the morning and later in the afternoon. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water during the day even if you’re not thirsty.

I spend at least 10 minutes sitting on the toilet and it comes. Sometimes, it only takes a few minutes. I say Solgar because that’s the only Mag Cit that works.

EDIT: Forgot to say, I put a radio to listen to in the bathroom while waiting or sometimes take a magazine in with me. Takes my mind off of things if you know what I mean.

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Thanks Chàs I will try those suggestions


Just know that it takes a few days before it takes effect.

EDIT: Please drink water right from the start.

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I’ve been exercising for many years now and I really think that these types of exercises will help of sorts. I’m talking about isometric exercises https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/fitness/expert-answers/isometric-exercises/faq-20058186
They do not entail movement so they can be done in a sitting position.

A very important function of the stomach area muscles is to help push waste. While sitting, pull in your stomach as far as you can and hold it. Feel like you’re trying to touch your back with your stomach. You can’t but it’s only a feeling so you pull your stomach in as much as you can. Do it as long as you can but do it a few times each day. Can be done while watching TV or even in the car.

Remember, it took you awhile to get out of shape so it will take awhile to get back in shape so don’t be impatient. You should tense or contract and hold the other muscles in your body similarly and relax them. Hope this helps.




Sorry , so far I have gotten away with just lots of water. I have some magnesium in stock just in case.


I have trouble with Bowel control so I have to be careful


Hi Chase 521 I have been doing the stomach muscle exercise and it dose help thanks. :smiley:

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:smirk: I’ve just recently been for a Sigmoidoscopy, because of bleeding. Fortunately all was well but, I was told there was obvious evidence of constipation. As it happens, everyone over 50 is recommended to have the procedure as a matter of course. So, I came home armed with leaflets promoting a balanced diet containing roughage and lots of water… Thinking back, I’ve always been slightly constipated, even before the ataxia diagnosis, but obviously inactivity doesn’t help. So…I’ll make a change in my eating habits, consume more water :grimacing: and try Physillium Husk Capsules again…:slightly_smiling_face: xB


Glad all was clear. I hope dietary changes help.

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Amazing to have found this topic, unfortunate as it is, I’m comfotyed to know I’m not alone. Before my sudden onset of fibromyalgia and ataxia, I was doing great on the Keto diet which really helped regulate my bowels which had previously kind of been slow anyway. Now I have extreme constipation such that I had to daily use:
Miralax (used daily for over 2 years anyway)
Probiotics twice a day
Milk of Magnesia at night
Prescription Lactulose full strength am/pm

Plus I had already started drinking so much water due to recent “dry like the Sahara desert” mouth that it threw my blood osmolality off.

And still, no bm. Just constant urgency that made me sprint to the bathroom only to be somewhat relieved by some puff of gas and maybe a few “graham cracker crumbs” (trying not to be too gross).

The only remedy my GI doc has found so far for me is prescription Linzess at highest dose of 290mcg daily. Stuff does work, but I need to allow it an hour to kick in and then sprint to the bathroom (as fast as I can with a walker and ataxia legs!) over the next 90 minutes to “finish” in the bathroom, if you know what I mean.

Anyone else dealing with this extreme or is it the lucky combo of Fibromyalgia related IBS and ataxia symptoms?

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