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Constipation - Ataxia or not?


we were told to wait till we get home so that cant have helped!

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When I was potty training my daughter, I tried not to ignore any request for the toilet. We were once in Marks & Spencer and an assistant showed us to the nearest loo. It was the cleaners sluice room, Joanne to one look at it and froze. The shock must have held things up, she waited until we got to a Ladies Powder-room :joy: xB

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what is so really annoying, not to mention inconvenient is not being able to wait that last 30 seconds to be seated!!! especially during the night… I really dont want to be ‘examined’ or take drugs so I just keep cleaning materials to hand. I have found myself ‘mopping’ a floor round disabled loo with cheap loo roll before standing so trousers dont get wet so that’s main reason to wait till I get home. Hey ho… what fun… easier to stay indoors eh?

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So true :roll_eyes: One minute you’re confident things are going according to plan, but a few seconds later…disaster :woman_facepalming: I feel sure many people would empathise :neutral_face: xB



being constipated of course makes it worse and sitting long makes that worse ha!
Not sitting exhausts you … yes, I am sure everyone empathises and that is a comfort.



Doesn’t seem to be working as well as the ad said. Whoever wrote that SPAM for this product did a good job but the product receives a thumbs down for me. Don’t bother! :rage:

EDIT: You might find this interesting to read but ALWAYS check with your doctor:



I have a constipation problem. I’ve had it for years and never suspected it might be related to Ataxia. My doctor has called it a twisted gut. I’ve no reason to disbelieve that but did the ataxia create a twisted gut or is it a separate issue? :confused:



Can’t say your doc’s wrong but “twisted gut?” Just shows you how much an unfamiliar doc knows about Ataxia.



The ‘doctor’ who found this twist was only doing a bowel test. She couldn’t get her camera through the twist. She inferred that it was not unusual to find a twist so I had no reason to think it was ataxia. What I’m wondering now is if anybody else has this constipation-ataxia problem described as a twisted gut. I’ve had other issues with my gut (including constipation, diarrhoea and severe pain) and my regular doctor thought it was Irritable Bowel Syndrome but was open to the possibility it was ataxia related. Someone mentioned an over-active bladder which I thought was a weakened pelvic muscle caused by an ataxia gait.



Have to say that all constipation is not Ataxia caused. It’s just that Ataxia affects the muscles. Usually not directly but nevertheless. Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Hope that it gets better.



Apparently there are degrees of twisted bowel (volvulus), I found someone on another site describing it, but in their case it was actually due to hypothyroidism.



I hope not since I’m also hypothyroid. I HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS. :disappointed_relieved:



I’m not much for wonder treatments that claim to cure or make me better. However, I thought I would give this product a try. It is cheap enough for me.
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to help me. Although, it may benefit others. It may benefit me in ways undetectable.
I simply add the recommended dose of 20 drops to my morning coffee, it has very little taste so it doesn’t ruin my coffee!
I am diagnosed with MSA.
It certainly has no negative side effects, so I will finish the bottle. I won’t just stuff it away in my medicine cabinet with all the other broken dreams!

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I wrote a post that I had the same results. I really hoped that it worked but alas. Sorry you experienced the same thing.



No worries or regrets. We would never know unless we try.
Amazing discoveries may be made by someone trialing these products. It may be one of us. what does or does not work for one may work for another.

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A lack of “muscle control” affects the bowel hence this has Ataxia written all over it…



Hohoho… Aren’t we a lucky lot, now I feel I have to join in here as I also suffer from constipation and being a diagnosed celiac had excepted my fate but now reading that the ataxia also contributes has not made my day! I also have tried many different product’s and all work for a certain amount of time. I also eat healthy lot’s of fruit probably not enough green’s try to keep the water intake to daily requirements, fairly active but am lucky to go once a week might be time for me to get thing’s checked out? Your symptoms of constipation, diarrhea and stomach pain are symptoms of celiac disease have you had that checked? Well let’s hope we can all get moving lol



I was originally diagnosed with IBS as doctor ruled out celiac with tests. But during a routine test for cancer, hospital stumbled on a twisted bowel. Doctor agreed that might be cause of IBS symptom. Then discovered ataxia attacks stomach muscles. Doctor knows little really about ataxia beyond the basics :upside_down_face::upside_down_face: so I won’t trouble her about it. The twist and/or the ataxia seem more likely than celiac to me. Who knows maybe ataxia has given me a twisted bowel ??? Government is trying to implement a system whereby rich will live and the poor will die so I’m likely to die anyway. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face: Have you considered that you might have been mis-diagnosed and your problem is actually ataxia? Doctors often know little about ataxia so will look for other possibilities.
PS Very pleased you have a sense of humour. We need one with this stuff.



Oh I defiantly have Celiac’s disease bowel biopsy at 11 mths old, and a lot later and a bit older another procedure confirmed that the lining of the bowels where still flat which is the villi (they are like little tenticals which catch the good stuff) which helps keep the good bacteria in so I loose a lot of goodness out the rear end lol
Well let’s move on! I have recently join this site because I have been diagnosed with ataxia a fact I didn’t mentioned while talking about the above mentioned! Oh and by the way I would never in a million year’s have thought to be talking to a male about such an interesting topic ;-: lol

But where all in the same shitty boat so to speak! lol… sorry must be having a good day amusing myself. Having so many frustrations and health issues and the health systems you have over there must be very difficult for you.

Anyway it’s very nice to meet YOU! It it seems you have a lot more on your plate than I do I wish you the best.





I assumed you had ataxia just because you’re in this forum. We’re all have it - lucky us. The same goes for talking to a male about such matters, we all have bowels too. :slightly_smiling_face: I didn’t intend to suggest I had a lot on my plate. Reading through what other people say on this forum, I am very fortunate - so far.