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Constipation - Ataxia or not?


Saw this today on EBAY. A day late but if it works…

EDIT: Was able to cancel yesterday’s order and re-ordered from EBAY.
EDIT2: This listing expired but do a name search at EBAY if you’re interested.

Here’s another listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Drink-Supplement-Digestive-Freedom-Plus-Healthy-Discount-new/273377311603?hash=item3fa68ebb73:g:GkcAAOSwXPNZ6Odp:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true



Using it for two days now - working well. I’ll keep reporting.

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I remember mother used to give us codliver oil and malt so I try to keep up the oil intake. I like salads with lots of balsamic vinegar and oil dressing. It would be nice to be regular but lifestyle is rarely constant so there are bound to be changes.
Apple, orange, fruit tinned in fruit juice, exercise, fluids [fennel tea] all help but then there’s the overactive bladder to contend with. I can go for hours without passing water when I am out but as soon as I get home, I cant wait. Must be something to do with messages I guess. I dont tell doctor as I dont want tests or medication… just coping at the moment.

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I get this problem about once a month. Like u I drink 2 large glasses of water with psyllium (jumbo canister from Costco) when there is a problem. Usually “normal” by next day.



Patsy, when I had my daughter’s cat for the day, he had 2 meals but kept his legs crossed until he got home, and then made straight for his own litter tray :joy: My Mother gave me Liquid Paraffin :nauseated_face: xB

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we were told to wait till we get home so that cant have helped!

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When I was potty training my daughter, I tried not to ignore any request for the toilet. We were once in Marks & Spencer and an assistant showed us to the nearest loo. It was the cleaners sluice room, Joanne to one look at it and froze. The shock must have held things up, she waited until we got to a Ladies Powder-room :joy: xB

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what is so really annoying, not to mention inconvenient is not being able to wait that last 30 seconds to be seated!!! especially during the night… I really dont want to be ‘examined’ or take drugs so I just keep cleaning materials to hand. I have found myself ‘mopping’ a floor round disabled loo with cheap loo roll before standing so trousers dont get wet so that’s main reason to wait till I get home. Hey ho… what fun… easier to stay indoors eh?

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So true :roll_eyes: One minute you’re confident things are going according to plan, but a few seconds later…disaster :woman_facepalming: I feel sure many people would empathise :neutral_face: xB



being constipated of course makes it worse and sitting long makes that worse ha!
Not sitting exhausts you … yes, I am sure everyone empathises and that is a comfort.



Doesn’t seem to be working as well as the ad said. Whoever wrote that SPAM for this product did a good job but the product receives a thumbs down for me. Don’t bother! :rage:

EDIT: You might find this interesting to read but ALWAYS check with your doctor:



I have a constipation problem. I’ve had it for years and never suspected it might be related to Ataxia. My doctor has called it a twisted gut. I’ve no reason to disbelieve that but did the ataxia create a twisted gut or is it a separate issue? :confused:



Can’t say your doc’s wrong but “twisted gut?” Just shows you how much an unfamiliar doc knows about Ataxia.



The ‘doctor’ who found this twist was only doing a bowel test. She couldn’t get her camera through the twist. She inferred that it was not unusual to find a twist so I had no reason to think it was ataxia. What I’m wondering now is if anybody else has this constipation-ataxia problem described as a twisted gut. I’ve had other issues with my gut (including constipation, diarrhoea and severe pain) and my regular doctor thought it was Irritable Bowel Syndrome but was open to the possibility it was ataxia related. Someone mentioned an over-active bladder which I thought was a weakened pelvic muscle caused by an ataxia gait.



Have to say that all constipation is not Ataxia caused. It’s just that Ataxia affects the muscles. Usually not directly but nevertheless. Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Hope that it gets better.



Apparently there are degrees of twisted bowel (volvulus), I found someone on another site describing it, but in their case it was actually due to hypothyroidism.



I hope not since I’m also hypothyroid. I HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS. :disappointed_relieved:



I’m not much for wonder treatments that claim to cure or make me better. However, I thought I would give this product a try. It is cheap enough for me.
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to help me. Although, it may benefit others. It may benefit me in ways undetectable.
I simply add the recommended dose of 20 drops to my morning coffee, it has very little taste so it doesn’t ruin my coffee!
I am diagnosed with MSA.
It certainly has no negative side effects, so I will finish the bottle. I won’t just stuff it away in my medicine cabinet with all the other broken dreams!

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I wrote a post that I had the same results. I really hoped that it worked but alas. Sorry you experienced the same thing.



No worries or regrets. We would never know unless we try.
Amazing discoveries may be made by someone trialing these products. It may be one of us. what does or does not work for one may work for another.

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