Big Toe's

Greetings from a sunny South Africa. My big toe's are curling under to the extent that I end up falling.This has happened a couple of times this month. I have had no inguries. Any one else have this problem.

This is usually from fatigue from poor support or faulty biomechanics. Sometimes dehydration or electrolyte imbalance is to blame. Poor circulation will usually cause pain when active rather than at rest. See your podiatrist for a full evaluation. And no,I've never had this.I not sure if it's to do with Ataxia..Maybe others have this symptom.Best wishes...Ozzy

Source: HealthTap,

When we start to lose our balance, there are many seemingly unconnected parts of our body that try to compensate. First our toes will curl, then our ankles, then our knees Steve for stability. Sometimes tightening the muscles of your core in a clenching motion will stabilize you enough to let the other systems relax. I worked on this with my physical therapist. Doesn’t always work. But can give you some relief.

No, but I do know what you mean. The toes next to my big toes curl and my insteps are very high. My other three toes curl under in an effort to grip the floor but this has not caused me any problems so far. Yes, it has, I get incredibly sore soles on my feet because of this.


Hope all is well, in SA.

Many people with Ataxia experience "clawing" of the toes/feet (Medical term escapes me) (this maybe the foot trying to grab for balance ?)

there s a thing called Dropped Foot ? it could be similar ?

Its better to get medical advice, so as to get this issue sorted out, as said physiotherapy may well help